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Keene Systems (@keenesystems)
3 months ago

Starting a custom software development project for your business can be an interesting journey. Be careful, though, because common mistakes can ruin your online database design and cause stress, delays, and costs that aren’t necessary in the first place. Let’s look at some common mistakes to avoid in your custom software development projects.

Inadequate Planning and Requirement Gathering

Rushing into software development without meticulous planning is a grave mistake in custom software projects just as it would be if you were building a 6 story apartment building. Not taking this important step can lead to misunderstandings, excessive changes to the original plan, and, eventually, discontentment with the finished product. You must carefully plan out the project’s goals, needs, and expected outcomes from the start. Ensure that the stakeholders are on the same page from the start by involving partners, getting feedback, and carefully documenting everything.

Poor Teamwork and Communication

Software development projects can’t succeed without good communication. However, teams often overlook or underestimate its significance. Insufficient communication among project managers, developers, and relevant stakeholders can lead to missed deadlines, ambiguous goals, and the need for costly rework. Make sure everyone is kept in the loop and involved throughout the project’s lifecycle by setting up regular ways to communicate, holding regular meetings, and using collaboration tools.

Unrealistic Expectations and Deadlines

Don’t set deadlines and expectations that are too high if you want to avoid unnecessary problems. Pushing through the development process too quickly to meet goals usually leads to lower quality, missing requirements, and more technical problems in the future. You must set realistic expectations and prefer quality over speed when planning project timelines. Openly tell project partners about how things are going and if there are any changes to the schedule so that expectations are correctly managed.

Inadequate Testing and Quality Control

Neglecting comprehensive testing is a common mistake that can hurt your project. Let’s say you are replacing a legacy Microsoft Access Database application with a modern web application built with ASP.NET and SQL Server. First, develop a robust testing plan that ensures that all of the screens and functionality in the Access App get duplicated in the ASP.NET app. The plan needs to include security testing, user acceptance testing, integration testing, and unit testing. Work with a provider who can allocate sufficient time and resources for testing throughout the development process to make sure the software solution is strong and reliable.

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