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Keene Systems (@keenesystems)
4 months ago

The number of technologies available for software development has been increasing every day. Among all these introductions, a few have been convincing. They have redefined the process of software development. Among all those technologies, Visual Basic (also known as VB.NET) is one of the best. Businesses can simply hire the best, most experienced visual basic programmer and proceed with software development without having to train personnel or research the language.

More About Visual Basic:

Visual Basic is a part of the .NET Framework by Microsoft. It was first released in 2002. It is known for its adaptability to trends, resilience, and more. Visual Basic has been one of the most popular introductions in this framework along with C#. It is used for application development with user-friendly user interfaces. Programmers can use VB.NET for backend programming along with HTML on the front end to create web user interfaces. The combination of all these technologies allow for the development of robust and powerful web applications. Outsourcing a VB.NET programmer is an excellent way to fulfill your needs.


Integration with .NET:

The VB.NET programming language was developed by Microsoft for versatile web application development. It is already a part of the .NET framework. So, when you choose VB.NET for web application development, you choose full integration with the .NET Framework and tools like Visual Studio. You can use all the libraries used in this framework and build an excellent application. VB.NET can be used for developing applications for desktops, mobile phones, the web, and more. The integration with the .NET framework gives an edge to developers. As a result, they can develop an application that is rich in features in less time.

Compiled Code:

Programming languages, like PHP, are known as interpreted languages. These languages are flawed in that a syntax error bug can creep into the program. Moreover, it is difficult to find errors while coding. As a result, the developed application is not up to expectations. On the other hand, VB.NET is a compiled coding language. The syntax errors get caught while coding. In short, a coder can easily find syntax errors in the code while writing it because the integrated development environment (IDE), Visual Studio, will point out the errors. With the help of this, a developer makes sure to deliver a bug free application to the client. Hence, the VB.NET framework is a brilliant choice for software development.

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