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Robert Brwon (@janylin)
11 days ago

When you hear the name Tissot, you probably think of a nice Swiss watch brand but Tissot is much more than just "nice" as they make incredible timepieces built for adventure. 

The Seastar line is one of Tissot's toughest and most robust collections. It's a watch made to withstand the great outdoors. Whether you're swimming, hiking, or just living an active lifestyle, a Seastar watch has your back. So what makes the Tissot Seastar watch so special? You must be curious let’s find out!

A History of Innovation  

Tissot has been an innovator in watchmaking for over 160 years. The company was founded in 1853 in the Swiss town of Le Locle by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile.

Right from the start, Tissot focused on developing precise and affordable timepieces using new techniques. They were pioneers in making mass-produced watches. In 1930, Tissot developed one of the world's first non-magnetic wristwatches. Further, in 1971, they introduced the Astrolon, a remarkably unbreakable plastic watch. This innovation led to the creation of the Seastar line in the 1960s. Tissot wanted to make a watch built specifically for water resistance and adventure.

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What Makes the Seastar Dive-Ready?

The key feature of any dive watch is water resistance, and the Seastar delivers. Depending on the specific model, Tissot Seastar watches are water resistant from 100 meters up to an impressive 300 meters. To put that in perspective, 100 meters of water resistance means you can go scuba diving up to around 330 feet deep. At 300 meters, you could dive well below most recreational limits. But water resistance is just one part of making a great dive watch. The Seastar has several other features tailored for underwater adventuring:

  • Unidirectional rotating bezels to track elapsed dive time
  • Super-LumiNova luminous hands and markers for visibility underwater  
  • Screw-down case backs and crowns to prevent moisture entry
  • Antimagnetic and shock-resistant movements

Style and Versatility 

While the Seastar excels as a professional diving instrument, it also has classic Swiss style and modern versatility. You'll find Seaster watches with sleek stainless steel cases and bracelets as well as sportier rubber straps. The cases range from a modest 36mm to a robust 45mm.

Many models have rotating bezels with colored aluminum or ceramic inserts. These touches of blue, black, or green add a punch of color to the design. The faces often have a "wave" pattern and come in shades of blue, black, silver, and other hues. Some models have chronograph or GMT complications.

So whether you want a Seastar with a traditional look or a more modern sporty vibe, you'll find an option. The variety allows this watch to transition easily from underwater to the office or a night out.

Tough as Nails (Or Rather, Supranite)

One of the key ingredients allowing the Seastar to be so robust is Tissot's use of advanced materials. Many of the watches utilize their proprietary Supranite coating. Supranite is a type of hard, scratch-resistant ceramic that provides a protective shell over parts of the case and bracelet. It's much more durable than a basic steel, resin, or aluminum finish.

The clear benefit is that a Supranite Seastar can take a serious beating without getting scuffed up. If you're hard on watches, this coating could be a lifesaver.

Powering Your Next Adventure

The rugged design of the Seastar watch is backed up by precision and reliable Swiss movements inside the cases. Depending on the model, you'll find:

  • Swiss quartz movements from ETA and other top suppliers
  • Automatic ETA movements with robust 80-hour power reserves
  • Chronograph complications powered by the venerable Valjoux 7750 
  • COSC-certified chronometer movements for ultimate accuracy

Versatile Options for Any Adventure  

Now that you understand what makes the Seastar line so capable, let's look at some of the specific models available:

The Classic Seastar 1000

One of the quintessential Seastar watches is the 1000 model. It's a true professional dive watch with water resistance up to 300 meters.  It has a unidirectional rotating bezel, screw-down crown, Super-LumiNova markers, and an automatic Swiss movement. Yet it still maintains a relatively slim and sharp profile at 42mm wide.

This is the classic adventure watch you can wear from the office to the depths of the sea. It comes in a variety of color combinations like blue, black, silver, and two-tone steel and gold.

The Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80

For those who prefer an automatic watch, the Powermatic 80 is a great option. It builds on the original 1000 design but adds an upgraded movement.

The Powermatic 80 is an exclusive Tissot caliber with an impressive 80-hour power reserve. That means you can take the watch off on Friday and put it back on Monday morning without resetting it. Beyond the long-lasting movement, the Powermatic 80 Seastar has all the features of the standard 1000 line. It's a great upgrade for the person who appreciates that automatic winding.

Seastar 1000 Chronograph

Taking the original 1000 dive watch design and adding a chronograph gives you the Seastar 1000 Chronograph. The timing complication is perfect for tracking dive times or any other events. This watch is powered by the respected Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement. The three subdials give you hours, minutes, and running seconds for the chronograph function.

Besides the timing ability, the 1000 Chronograph has a 300M water resistance rating and all the other features of the standard Seastar 1000 line. It's a great all-around sports watch and timing instrument.

Seastar Automatic Chronograph

For automatic winding fans, Tissot also offers the Seastar Automatic Chronograph. It pairs a self-winding movement with the chronograph functionality. Like the Powermatic 80, this watch has an 80-hour power reserve from the movement. The chronograph uses a bi-compax display with two subdials rather than the typical tri-compax three-subdial layout.

It's a clean, slightly dressier take on the dive chronograph. The automatic winding gives the watch an interesting industrial aesthetic when you can see the rotor through the clear case back.

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Seastar 2000 Professional

When you need maximum water resistance, the Seastar 2000 Professional is the watch for the job. This beast is rated to an incredible 2000 feet (600 meters)!

To handle those serious depths, the 2000 has a monobloc steel case carved from a single block of stainless steel. It also has an internal case made of titanium for lightness and corrosion resistance.

Despite its extreme capabilities, the Seastar 2000 Professional is still reasonably sized at 45mm wide. It maintains the classic styling with a unidirectional bezel and striking wave-patterned face. If you're a serious diver or just want the ultimate expression of the Seastar line, this is the ultimate adventure watch.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a rugged dive companion or a versatile sports watch that can get wet, the Seastar has models to fit. That's why after over 60 years, the Seastar remains one of Tissot's most iconic and popular collections. At Bijoux Eclore, buy Tissot Watches Canada that match your personality. We believe every watch tells a story. Let us help you find yours.