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Steve Glenn (@midwaydentallab)
11 days ago

The wise people always say that you must carry yourself with confidence. Beauty may not lie in appearance but in how you present yourself to your peers. However, having crooked teeth quite often impacts the confidence of a person significantly. Even if you look exceptionally well, the random teeth structure ruins your smile.

For years, people put their trust in metal braces to help them fix their teeth and undoubtedly, it paid off. However, it would be hard to ignore all the challenges metal braces brought with them. Then came the invisible braces which completely shook the dental industry.

The invisible alternative to the traditional metal braces

For many, attaining the perfect smile came at the cost of having to showcase the metal strained teeth. Naturally, they became the subject of conversation. But there are only so many times you can address these conversations sportingly, especially when people get bullish. Invisible braces presented themselves as the best alternative for people wanting to get away from the unwanted discussions over their metal braces. Mechanisms remained the same, they just became less noticeable.

Times changed, technology evolved, demands changed

It would be almost fair to compare the evolution of human beings to technologies, although the former takes ages, literally. Metal braces and invisible braces had their respective limitations and invisible teeth aligners addressed those issues to establish themselves as the revolutionary change in the dental industry. The fact that technology has taken leaps to produce aligners that are not only invisible but also portable while increasing efficiency astonished everyone.

Benefits of invisible aligner over its counterparts

Invisible aligners eliminated several issues that dental braces naturally had. Metal and invisible braces, both gave rise to the issue of lack of hygiene because of their continuous presence over the teeth. And it wasn’t like they were to be in place for say a few days or weeks, usually, braces required months of care and maintenance which was not very feasible. Invisible aligners presented portability, convenience, easy oral care, and increased effectiveness in gaining traction and were certainly successful.

There is hardly any surprise in the significant shift in demand from dental braces to invisible aligners over the past few years.

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