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KrisYang (@unitedscooters)
22 days ago

It can be hard to pick the right electric bike, especially when you think about the battery, which is the most crucial part. The type of battery in an electric scooter greatly affects how well it works, how far it can go, how heavy it is, and how the user feels while driving the vehicle. It is important to know about different kinds of batteries and how they work when shopping for the latest NIU NQI sport models. Let’s understand how to make the right choice when selecting scooters based on the type of battery.

Lithium-ion Battery

Most NIU scooters are using lithium-ion batteries. People know them for having a high energy density, which means they can hold more energy in a smaller area. Because of this, the scooter can be made lighter and smaller. Lithium-ion batteries last a long time. They can usually handle 500 to 1,000 charge cycles, which is a lot of daily use for years.

Lead-Acid Battery

Lead-acid batteries are larger and take up more space than lithium-ion batteries. They cost less and can be a good choice for buyers who want to save money. However, there is a general disadvantage with these batteries. They don’t last as long and generally go about 300 and 500-charge cycles.

Considering the range and capacity of batteries

When selecting the best battery for an electric bike, you should consider the battery capacity measured in watts hours (Wh). The scooter’s range is usually higher when the watt-hour number is higher.

This means that if a scooter’s battery holds 400Wh and the motor uses 20Wh per kilometer, it should be able to travel about 20 kilometers. You should ensure that the scooter’s range fits your needs for getting to work.

Battery Management System

The Battery Management System (BMS) is an important part of battery technology. The BMS checks the battery’s health, controls how it charges and discharges, and stops problems like overcharging, burning, and short circuits.

When choosing a scooter, you must check that it uses a reliable BMS. This is particularly important for lithium-ion batteries, as they are more sensitive to charging conditions than lead-acid batteries.

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