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Jacop Miles (@mcgarrylaw)
2 months ago

In today’s time, people believe myths more than the actual truth. The same is the case with DUI. There are several misconceptions in the minds of people that affect them in these situations. So, you should work with a lawyer for impaired driving who can assist you in this situation and guide you accordingly. If you wish to learn about the truth behind some common DUI myths, continue reading.

Myth: One can drive if they are not drunk

A lot of people believe that they can drive easily if they are not extremely drunk. However, this is not true.Even if you consume a little bit of alcohol, it can cause issues. Your reaction time and judgment on the road can be affected by it. So, it is not safe for you to drive with alcohol in your system. Ottawa DUI lawyer suggests that you should always stay sober when you are driving.

Myth: One can surpass the breathalyzer with a chewing gum

Another common myth is that one can easily surpass the breathalyzer test if one can chew gum, use mouthwash, or any other such techniques. However, this is not how it works. These devices help in determining if you have alcohol or not. The solutions mentioned above can just help with its smell. But if you wish to ensure that you pass this test, you should not drink alcohol before driving the car. It is not just about avoiding legal consequences but also staying safe on the road.

Myth: Alcohol is not a huge problem for minors

Several minors think that they will not face any legal issues if they drive after consuming alcohol. However, this is not true. There is a legal drinking age that is meant to protect your body from the harmful effects of alcohol. So, if you have not hit the legal drinking age but are caught driving under the influence, there can be legal consequences such as fines and sometimes criminal charges.

Apart from this, several myths in the industry make people believe that it is easy to tackle such situations. The best tip would be to never drive under the influence.

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