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Mark Henry (@wabo)
2 months ago

All those who criticized cryptocurrency for its non-real existence and rare usage potential would be surprised to know that their favorite betting and gambling sites have started using cryptocurrency as a payment medium. Yes, you read that right. The rise of cryptocurrency has allowed it to knock on the doors of online gambling sites. In fact, crypto sports betting and gambling have been the most sought-after services in the gambling sector in recent times. 

However, as with any growing industry, crypto gambling has attracted a fair bit of criticism owing to significant risks and legal complexities. Let’s try to understand it briefly. 

How do these crypto-gambling websites work?

Several traditional online gambling sites have started offering a distinct service of crypto-supported gambling options. They use cryptocurrency for all kinds of monetary transactions like deposits and withdrawals. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether are among the acceptable options on such websites. Rest all gambling and betting operations are as usual.

How are crypto-gambling services better than traditional gambling services?

Though crypto has limitations, several undeniable benefits set crypto-gambling services apart from others. Faster transactions are one such benefit that impresses the community to a greater extent. Quicker deposits and withdrawals are more than enough to woo gambling enthusiasts. Moreover, crypto transactions offer anonymity and greater accessibility to the users. One can bypass the existing taxation systems by choosing crypto as the main mode of transactions. 

The best crypto gambling sites always ensure that none of your information is vulnerable to cyber threats and that all of your money is safe.

What are the existing flaws?

One of the most significant flaws of operating on cryptocurrency is its volatility. Cryptocurrency is an unregulated entity and, hence, has a highly volatile value. One day, it could be worth thousands, and the other, maybe nothing at all. More or less, it is like a headless company’s stock with no visible operators to manage its value. Moreover, since not many crypto-gambling sites can counter cyber-attacks efficiently, you’d be putting your money in danger. 

How do we stay safe from the potential threats of crypto-gambling?

You must always research well before relying on any gambling websites. Be it for traditional real money Pokies or crypto-gambling; you must ensure that the site in question is reliable and safe enough. Learn about the cryptocurrency you’d be dealing with in gambling. Moreover, be aware of the legal implications of crypto-gambling and the potential consequences well before getting into it. 

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Original Source: https://bit.ly/3VjcSUF