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Tugadar Community (@admin)
2 months ago

If plants don't get enough sunlight or water, they can become weak and unhealthy. Let's see what happens when they don't get enough of each:

1. Sunlight: Just like we need food for energy, plants need sunlight as their energy source. Sunlight helps them make food through photosynthesis, as we talked about earlier. If plants don't get enough sunlight, they may not be able to make enough food (glucose) to grow and stay healthy. They might become pale, wilted, or not grow as tall as they should.

2. Water: Water is very important for plants because it helps them transport nutrients from the soil to different parts of their bodies. It's like the plants' drink! If plants don't get enough water, they can become dehydrated. They might wilt, which means they become limp and droopy. Without enough water, plants may not be able to take up the nutrients they need to grow. They might also have trouble making food through photosynthesis because water is one of the ingredients needed.

So, both sunlight and water are crucial for plants to grow and stay healthy. They need the right amount of both to thrive. That's why it's important to take care of plants by giving them enough sunlight and watering them regularly so they can continue to make food, grow, and be happy!