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Innocent Cyril Okwuchukwu (@admin)
2 months ago



1. Take her out to intimate, memorable places; not noisy clubs where to communicate you have to shout

2. When you go to pick her up for a date, don't meet her empty handed. Give her a flower, a card, chocolates, candy. Something to show her you are not meeting her casually. Something to remember the date by

3. Let her walk through doors before you. Give her the right of way. Be her soldier

4. When you two are walking, be the one closest to the passing cars. It shows you are protecting her

5. Be generous with your compliments. You find her beautiful, sexy; tell her

6. No curse words. Your words should be honourable

7. If it's raining and you are both under the same umbrella, be the one to hold it even if the umbrella is hers

8. Ask what she is eating before you order yours at the restaurant

9. Be the one to ask that you two should pray for the food. Prayerful men are romantic

10. Don't be a pervert, treating her like a sex object, focusing only on sex. To unlock her sexiness, treat her like a Queen, wow her mind even when she is your wife

11. Hold her hand when she is stepping down a raised platform

12. Tell her "I love you". Men who express their feelings are romantic. Let it not be that she is guessing your love or has to squeeze it out of you

13. Look into her eyes as she talks to you. Let her know you give her full attention

14. Kiss her when she least expects it. This thrills her

15. Hold her waist in public or when introducing her to people as your woman/wife

16. Whisper intimate and naughty things to her ear in public. It means alot to get away with private conversations in public

17. Call out her name, she answers "Yes", then tell her "I love you" or give her a compliment

18. Rub her hand time to time; when you two are in the car driving and there is traffic, when she says she's had a bad day

19. Shut her up when she is being hard on herself. Correct her when she is negative about life and herself

20. Be a man who loves to cuddle. Her skin and body loves to be touched

21. Offer to unstrap her bra, to massage her, to oil her sometimes

22. Kiss more than her lips; kiss her fingers, forehead, her back, her shoulders; even when sex is not the agenda

23. During sex, don't make it only about what you want and your pleasure. She is your wife, she has sexual needs too. Foreplay is important to her

24. Hold and kiss her after making love

25. Kiss her cheek and lips infront of the children

26. Cover her with a blanket, put a jacket on her when it's cold. Or ask her to dress up, show care for her well-being

27. Ask her out on dates, even as husband and wife

Just because you have spent years together doesn't mean you stop making her feel special. You did romantic things for her to get her, do romantic things to keep her; as you do so, she will respond by giving you the best of her. The man who loves his wife, loves himself