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Innocent Cyril Okwuchukwu (@admin)
2 months ago

FCT Teachers Ask Wike To Priotise Welfare


Primary school teachers and LEA staff in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), have congratulated Nyesom Wike on his recent appointment as the minister of FCT and appealed for urgent attention to be paid to the welfare of primary school teachers in the FCT.

The coordinator of FCT LEA Teachers’ Forum and member of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) Karshi Branch, Abdulsalam Haruna in a statement requested for urgent attention to be paid to the critical matter of primary school teachers and primary school education in the FCT. He said over the years, the dedicated and hardworking primary school teachers under the LEA, have faced numerous challenges and encountered several backlogs of allowances and arrears, which have significantly impacted their morale and overall performance.

Haruna hinted that the problems bedeviling primary school teachers in the Federal Capital Territory include late implementation of staff promotion, inadequate payment of promotion arrears (arrears not paid in bulk), irregular payment of annual increment, delay in payment of monthly salaries, poor training allowances, delay in confirmation of teachers after employment, delay in upgrading of teachers with additional qualifications, NUT land issues, nonpayment of the 2019 minimum wage arrears and implementation of 40 per cent peculiar allowance and its arrears amongst other challenges.

He informed that these issues have caused immense financial strain, demotivation, and frustration within the teaching community.

He implored the FCT minister to prioritize the resolution of these outstanding matters to salvage the future of primary school education in the FCT and Nigeria as a whole by ensuring that FCT LEA Primary School Teachers receive their rightful dues and have favourable working conditions.

“You would not only motivate them but also inspire increased commitment and dedication to their vital role in shaping the young minds of our dear nation.

“Your Excellency, despite the challenges faced, the LEA teachers remain resolute in their commitment to providing quality education and support to the children of the FCT. We are determined to continue giving our best and persevering through these difficult times.

“We humbly beseech you to support our efforts by prioritizing our welfare and well-being of the primary school teachers and staff of LEA in the FCT. Your prompt intervention in addressing these outstanding issues will not only restore our faith but also rejuvenate the education system in the FCT, ultimately benefiting the future generations of our beloved country”.