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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
4 months ago


"Too many questions but I'll answer each as time goes on. First you most secretly follow me to Ur uncles room tomorrow afternoon." She finally answered coldly and returned to her favourite sit.


The next morning, which we were about to go check out my uncle's room I couldn't find her sitting on the chair she loves siting on. I searched for her in all rooms and corners but yet couldn't see her so I quit thinking she was gone.

During breakfast with the family, she suddenly appeared behind my uncle. Immediately I saw her she began making some funny gestures. This attracted my attention and I too began responding with same gestures, forgetting that I was even in the dinning with other people.

"Richard! Why are you staring over my shoulders making gestures at no one in particular?"my uncle asked,whilst looking over his shoulders in confusion of who I was gesturing for.

I got back to my senses and kindly apologized and took an excuse. Immediately, I stood up and followed her to my uncle's room.

On getting to the room, she walked straight to one weird looking picture and invited me to come view. when I got close to the picture I felt this sharp pain in my head.

Some painful memories began displaying in my head.....I couldn't fully capture the memories. The only thing I could clearly see was me in a car with my parents.

The more I tried to understand what I was seeing the more the pain increased. ,stolen from missing pen, And at that point the face of the girl began to change to mine. I could no longer hold the pain anymore so I made a step to go out of the room but suddenly I blacked out.

The next thing, I saw myself in the hospital accompanied by the girl. Who happened to be standing by my bed and stalking her eyes on mine directly.

"What happened, what did you do to me?" I asked but she didn't say a word.

"Am talking to you, what did you do to me?"a asked again with my voice a bit louder.

She still didn't reply.

"Who are you? and please leave me alone" I cried out loud.

My voice attracted my uncle and his wife who was sitting by the corridor. Immediately the door sprang opened she disappeared.

"What is it Richard?." My uncle asked, crossing his hands over me... while bending with one knee on the ground.

"Doctor, doctor " my aunt called out as she runs back to the corridor to get more hands.

Two days later I was discharged. I stole this story from missing pen, And as usual I met her on her favourite sit staring towards the roof without turning her eyes or making any sense of a living being.

I quietly left her and we kept malice through out the evening until I was about sleeping.

"We must go pay that room a visit again" she said and suddenly disappeared.

The next day at school during break. I was with the real girl in her human nature while her twin ghost was standing erect like a military man, right before us.

"Richard do you know what happened to your parents before they passed away?" The real girl asked.

Before I could answer I noticed her twin ghost was shading tears.


story by the king



504 Gateway Time-out

504 Gateway Time-out