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Innocent Cyril Okwuchukwu (@admin)
16 days ago

Earlier when I saw this picture.... didn't understand the meaning behind it... .

It turns out that the cat has seen a snake's tail sticking out of a small hole and the cat thought that it was a rat's tail, so he wanted to pull it and tease it until it came out... .

Then I realized that... This photo is the work of the famous Italian illustrator Marco Melgrati,

the meaning of his painting: "You never know who you're playing with, without knowing the risks, because we are packed with today's qualities like ignorance, show-off, hard work, quick solutions etc.".

In today's fast & busy life, what we see is only a tiny fraction of the truth....

If we see others suffering of health closely, their lives burdens on others, chasing hope, counting days, away from joy of celebrations, away from charm & professionalism etc. etc.

What are we doing ?? We consider health conditions as rat's tail & never guess that the real cobra behind the wall.

So give priority to your health.

Never ignore your health conditions.

Don't play with cobra's tail by considering it as a rat's tail.

Finally, life does matter, so health is important.

Remember this picture: You can't see the whole picture. If you could see the whole picture, you would understand that what we think of small, is actually much bigger than us. Learn health secrets with Dr M. A. Chaudhary.

So let's take care of your health conditions & stay healthy.

Hopefully by sharing this you can help build awareness of wellbeing.

Health is the new luxury of this era...