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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
3 months ago


A Must Read Stor

An elderly woman alighted from a car as soon as she saw a teenage girl getting on a taxi. The woman suddenly rushed at her, grabbed her hand, and pulled her out of the cab

"You are a thief! You took away all my money and gold ornaments! Did you really think you could run away, that I would never find you?" the woman screamed, and started pounding on the girl and pulling her hai

The two men in the cab pleaded for the woman to let her go, but she refused and insisted the teenage girl was a fraud. The girl tried to speak, but the woman slapped her and told her to shut up. She grabbed her hair and pushed her to the ground, raking her fingernails across her fac

Soon, the incident drew public attention, and a crowd of people gathered around them. Some people stopped the elderly woman from assaulting the teenage girl. The girl was crying, her face was scratched, and her dress was torn a bi

When asked what happened, the elderly woman said

"She used to work as a domestic maid in my house. She worked for me for three months. All along, she acted like an innocent young girl, and I trusted her and gave her access to everywhere in the house. Then one day, she sneaked into my room and stole all my money and some expensive jeweleries. She stole those things and never returned to my house. She's a criminal!

The teenage girl, however, told them she had never met the elderly woman, and that she had never worked as a maid. But the elderly woman insisted she stole her money and jewelries, and tried to push her again

Suddenly, the police arrived on the scene, and without hesitation, brought the teenage girl to the police statio

A few minutes later, the elderly woman arrived at the police station. However, the teenage girl was completely shocked when the woman boldly hugged her and started wiping her tears with her finger. Then she spoke to her in a very gentle ton

"Hey, don't cry... You didn't steal anything from me. I want to tell you, all the time I was fighting you, I was putting on an act to save your life. First, I pulled you out of the cab, because those men inside were going to kidnap you. Then, I had already contacted the police, so while I was waiting for them to arrive, I created a scene to keep the kidnappers around. It's a good thing they've been arrested by the police. This is how it happened... a little while ago, I was beside a truck by the gas station when I overheard two men discussing plans to kidnap a young woman they were going to pick up in their car. I listened to a conversation where the men were trying to negotiate how much they would get for her internal organs. Then I realized they were kidnappers specialized in abducting victims and harvesting their internal organs for sale. So I picked up my phone immediately, called the police and reported it. I watched the men carefully, and as soon as they got on their car, I followed them in a car until we got to the place you were. Then I texted the location to the policemen. My goodness, I'm so glad you are in a safe place now"

We cannot save ourselves. Only God has the power to save us. And sometimes when God saves us, he does it in unexpected ways. May God send us our saviours in times of trouble

Author: Chima_Dickson Offici

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