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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
3 months ago


A Short Moral Story.

There was a woman who pushed a heavy metal everyday to her husband's mechanic shop. The metal was so heavy that she would stop to rest every few minutes.

One morning, as she was pushing the heavy metal to her husband's mechanic shop, a group of women saw her and started mocking her. One of them said.

"Oh, poor woman... Your husband is so inconsiderate and lacks empathy. He allows you push this heavy metal all by yourself while he stays at home enjoying himself. So pathetic! Are you sure you're his wife, or are you just a machine designed to carry out his tasks?".

Another woman chipped in.

"Oh, what a dumb woman you are. He also makes you cook, clean, run errands and look after the children. Such a lazy man! I can't imagine putting myself through that ordeal".

The third woman whistled.

"Do you know that if you die, he's going to marry a second wife, and you'll lose everything you've ever worked for? Are you going to stop being unreasonable, or are you going to let your husband use you for his own selfish interests?".

Upon hearing those words, the woman who was pushing the metal stopped and said.

"I think you're right. My husband has been using me for his own selfish interests. I can't believe I was so blind. My husband should be the one pushing this heavy metal and not me. I will go back home and tell him to come and push it. Just help me keep an eye on it while I'm gone".

The woman left almost immediately. But surprisingly, she returned after a while to continue pushing the metal. Then, one of the women asked.

"We thought you left to tell your husband to come and push the metal. Why didn't he come?".

The woman smiled and said.

"Well, the truth is, I forgot to close my windows, so I went back home to close them. Who cares about what you think about me or my husband? As long as you don't understand what happens in my family, your opinions don't matter to me. I did, I do and I will do whatever I like to do".

Many times, whatever you do, people find a way to mock or make a judgement. They judge you for the choices you made, when they don't know the options you had to choose from. Stop worrying about the judgement of others and do what you want to do. The opinions of people who don't know what happens in your life should not matter to you.

Author: Chima_Dickson Official

I let my stories teach the life lessons.

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