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Alice Bailey (@alicebailey)
5 months ago

Homework is always a huge task for children who suffer from ADHD. For parents, it's more of a hassle especially when they have to manage multiple things at once. But fear not! There are strategies for parents to turn this hassle into a manageable task with the help of a ADHD coach. We’ll look into some of these strategies here.

Creating a consistent homework routine

Providing a structured environment is one of the best ways to manage homework for ADHD students. It's important for them to know what they are going to do before they do it. So for example, you can leave blocks of time for entertainment and breaks, and dedicate one block for homework.

Break down tasks

ADHD children and adults are more likely to escape from a task if they feel it's overwhelming. So, you must break down tasks into more manageable steps. If something seems less daunting, ADHD students approach it with a more positive mindset.

Use visual aids and stopwatches

Visual aids have proven to be of help when working with ADHD students. An academic coach can help you utilize visual aids like charts, colour-coded schedules, stopwatches, timers, and more for best representation. If ADHD students sense that they have control of their time, they have more motivation at work.

Minimizing distractions

ADHD students get distracted easily. So you must think of choosing your time, and your place very carefully before setting them up for a task. Minimize distractions from electronic devices. Try to choose a quiet area with fewer sounds, and closed spaces.

Offer positive reinforcements

ADHD students can show high productivity levels when they are praised when they complete tasks. As a parent, you can even encourage your child through simple statements like – “That was a tough task you did there” or “How did you do that?” can work towards improving their attitude. You can support these reinforcements with gifts that encourage their confidence.

Remember, every small victory in the homework battle is a step toward improving your child’s confidence, independence, and love for learning.

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