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Alice Bailey (@alicebailey)
19 days ago

All parents want their children to succeed academically. However, with children with ADHD, academic success becomes a challenging task. One which parent cannot address alone. Peak Academic Coaching is here to guide you every step of the way. This coaching provides ADHD tutoring for improving grades, building executive functioning skills, and improving confidence. The experts at this coaching work with students who struggle to improve their academic performance. Let’s explore the working process at Peak Academic Coaching.

Personalized assessment

Peak Academic Coaching believes in providing the most personalized experience for parents and children. The personalized assessment acts as the first step to begin this journey. You can schedule a consultation and discuss your goals, needs, and preferences with the coaches, and they’ll make a tailored plan for you.

Improving accountability and attitude improvement

Accountability and attitude improvement is one of the first things that coaches focus on at Peak Academic Coaching. It's important for students who work with executive function coach to have a sense of ownership and responsibility to tackle challenges.

Strategic Study skills

Most students do not even know how to study. This is common among students with ADHD. The coaches at Peak Academic Coaching focus on developing study skills in students. They want to help students acquire a toolbox of skills designed to enhance their aptitude, reasoning, recalling, and comprehension capabilities.

Time management skills for real-time success

Most personalized plans for students suffering from low academic performance include learning time management skills. At Peak Academic Coaching, these skills aren’t just taught to keep up with deadlines of projects and homework at school. The executive functioning coach will guide students to create realistic schedules that prioritize what they like, and what they are also supposed to do in one day.

Developing work ethic and independence

Students need to know the meaning of diligence and perseverance. Because academic work is a long process, they have to be prepared for college and university-level work in the future. Peak Academic Coaching believes in empowering students to take charge of their academic journey ahead.

Executive Functioning skills

Right then, now comes one of the most important parts of coaching at Peak Academic Coaching. The coaches focus on developing core skills like organization, planning, and self-control, and develop skills that help in lifelong success.

Start your journey at Peak Academic Coaching by booking a consultation now at https://peakacademiccoaching.com/

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