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Alex Scanchaze (@alliance)
5 months ago

Finding it hard to scale your business online? Get in touch with the best ecommerce development company in UK right away!

Scaling your business online is critical to reaching a greater number of customers and moving ahead of the competition. You can create a business website and provide all the product details while maintaining an in-store service policy. Or you can start selling your products online using an e-commerce website developed by a website development company.

To ensure you get the most out of your e-commerce website, you need to have the following features on your website.

Add Product Reviews

When Spiegel Research Centre conducted research to study consumer buying behaviour based on product reviews,they found that product reviews can help increase sales by 270% on average. This indicates that most buyers rely on product reviews to make a final buying decision.

Hence, you must add product reviews to your products on the e-commerce website. And this must include a mix of positive and negative reviews to increase the likelihood of buying.

High-End Product Photography

Make sure your e-commerce website has clear and high-quality photographs of products. More than 93% of shoppers have said that they rely on product images to make a final buying decision. Hence, you must add high-quality product images.

You can go the DIY route and take product pictures yourself. Try taking pictures from different angles to capture the features of your product. Or you can also hire a professional product photographer to take product images.

Seamless Checkout Process

While getting the best ecommerce development in UK, make sure your ecommerce website has a seamless and hassle-free checkout process. It has been observed that 69% of buyers don’t complete the checkout process and abandon the buying in between. A big percentage of customers don’t buy products because they are not ready to make a purchase. However, according to Baymard Institute, 43% of such customers don’t complete the checkout process because it is complicated.

To avoid this, you must ensure a seamless checkout process with a catchy call-to-action along with a quick and secure payment process.

In addition to these features, you must also have an easy return policy, product recommendations, and a loyalty program.

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