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Salena Wilson (@salenawilson)
4 months ago

When the individual is thoroughly focusing on the orgasm when the sexual intercourse is going on, then it is the orgasm anxiety. According to the best sexologist in Amritsar, the following are the reasons because of which orgasm anxiety takes place: 

  • Sexual dysfunctioning 
  • General stress 
  • Loss of self-esteem 
  • Relationship conflict 

Because of these factors, the person cannot enjoy sex. 

Our todays’ blog is going to be all about orgasm anxiety 

What Is Orgasm Anxiety?

When the individual is stressed for performing well in the sexual intercourse, then he or she may start worrying about the climax. But worrying or remaining stressed too much can interfere with the occurrence of the orgasm. For successful and well-satisfying sex, the balance between the tension and the relaxation is to be regulated which is the key to the successful orgasmic release. 

Can orgasm anxiety lead the individual to suffer from any kind of problems? 

If the individual keep on worrying about the orgasmic release, when they are having sex, then there are chances that the male may suffer from erectile dysfunctioning and other related problems. While females are usually diagnosed with anorgasmia.

An important point to note 

Being stressed while having sex, can make you feel awkward and the orgasm may not occur. 

What are the causes of orgasm anxiety? 

Following are the reasons why do individual suffer from orgasm anxiety: 

  • The less potential of reaching the climax 

Sometimes, the effect of the various medications or other factors like age and stress can make it difficult for you to reach the orgasmic release stage during intercourse. The next time, when the couple will head to engage in the sexual act, the male will be stressed about whether he will be able to ejaculate this time. This stress never lets him have an orgasm. 

  • Self-consciousness 

Sometimes, the individual is so stressed and conscious of exhibiting weird expressions during the intercourse or regarding the naked emergence, that he is not able to enjoy the intercourse. The individual can only reach the stage of the orgasmic release if he is enjoying the sex. Stress can never make you reach the climax. 

  • Urge to satisfy the partner 

Every male partner is concerned about satisfying the female partner during intercourse. Usually, the females are not satisfied when the sexual activity gets over too early. So the males try to be conscious of taking this thing somewhat far. Soon this consciousness takes the form of stress. The stress of not ejaculating too soon leads you to the problem of not ejaculating at all even after considerable time has passed. 

  • Relationship conflicts 

Usually, it is observed that the relationship conflicts never let the partners get satisfied thoroughly. In a deteriorated relationship, when the couples do sex, then their predominant focus is to reach an orgasmic stage. They never enjoy or experience love in this situation. This obviously can never lead you to reach an orgasmic stage. 

  • Other anxieties 

Sometimes, the individuals are not stressed for reaching the climax stage, Rather he is tensed about something else which also interferes with the enjoyment during the sex. 

Which other issues can come into existence along with orgasm anxiety? 

  • Anorgasmia 
  • Erectile dysfunctioning 
  • Performance anxiety 
  • Delayed ejaculation 
  • Generalised anxiety disorder

When should you consult the sexologist? 

The orgasm anxiety is normal in the following cases: 

  • When you are having sex with the new partner 
  • When your relationship is problematic 

But the following situations are considered abnormal and demands consultation with the sexologist: 

  • When orgasm anxiety has been experienced for the last 6 months or more. 
  • When you are having difficulty in reaching the orgasmic stage with more than one partner. 

What are the variegated treatment options for orgasm anxiety? 

Usually, the patients are aimed to get treated with sex therapy. But along with that, there are other methods also which can quintessentially help you to do away with this problem, which is listed as below:

  • Medications 

The doctors may suggest you with following medication on the issue you are suffering from: 

  • Anti-anxiety medications 

Do not take the medications, unless they are prescribed by the doctor. Because the intake of the non-prescribed medication will worsen the problem. 

Usually, there are two kinds of drugs that are deemed helpful to treat anxiety: 

  • Benzodiazepines 
  • Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)

  • Hormonal therapies 

If any of the subsequent imbalances are a reason for the difficult orgasmic reach, then the doctor may suggest you take the help of the hormonal therapies: 

  • For women 

When the individual is experiencing a drop in the menopausal hormonal levels along with sexual dysfunctioning, then this problem may be aimed at getting treated with the cream, pill and patches of estrogen. 

  • For men 

If the lowering of the testosterone levels is the predominant cause of the sexual dysfunction, then the doctor may suggest you with the testosterone injection gel. 

What for transgenders? 

Usually, the hormonal therapies suggested by the endocrinologist help the individual to benefit from an enjoyable sexual experience. 

  • PDE inhibitors 

When the individual is either lacking the confidence to perform in the sexual act or if he is suffering from erectile difficulties, then the doctor will surely recommend the intake of the following pills:

  • Viagra 
  • Cialis

Lifestyle Changes 

The dietary and lifestyle changes are sometimes helpful in getting rid of orgasm anxiety. A sound body always keeps your mind sound by making it ready to get rid of stress. Regular exercise will make you fit which will help you to be confident about your naked emergence. This way you can get rid of self-consciousness. 

Bottom line 

The basic thing which triggers the orgasmic release is the enjoyment in that particular moment. If the nerves of your mind are relaxed and you are happy from inside, then you will never have any difficulty reaching the climax. If you're having any relationship issues. You should work on that. Because you cannot satisfy your partner until you are engaging in sexual intercourse with the motive to show your love for them.