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thoecarter (@thoecarter)
11 days ago

The spinal nerves are supposed to show up in your legs and get terminated in the feet. This is the main reason that we encounter aching in the feet. Aching in the feet only takes place, if owing to some factor, the nerves get either irritated or compressed. In those cases, you should immediately visit the orthopaedic hospital in Punjab. Otherwise, you may have to undergo spine surgery in Ludhiana.

Keep In mind

Foot pain can also be encountered if the nerves present in either knee or hip are getting compressed.

So as you might have already guessed, this blog is going to be all about foot pain.

How can the foot pain be caused by the spine problem?

If either the irritation or the compression, the lumbar spine present in the lower back may contribute to radiating the sciatica pain.

Which causes may contribute to the irritation and the compression of the nerve roots?

Following are the main causes of causing compression in the nerve roots:

  • If the inner contents present in the intervertebral discs have leaked, then it will be known as the lumbar herniated disc.
  • Owing to the age-related changes, the disc may either get borrowed or shrank, which gives rise to the lumbar degenerative disc disease.
  • If the vertebrae have slipped and get placed on one over the other, then it will be known as spondylolisthesis.
  • If the bony openings of the spinal nerves get narrowed, then it will be known as lumbar spinal stenosis.
  • The foot drop is a condition that leaves you incapable of lifting the front part of the foot or you may trip frequently while walking.
  • If in case, the peroneal nerve gets compressed or gets somehow injured, then it may also cause foot pain. This condition may also give rise to the foot drop.

Do you know?

Owing to the excessive direction, the corn may initiate to develop either on the skin or around the toes. And also if the tissue which is present around your nerve gets thickened, then it may contribute to the nerve pain.

Which signs would help you to know about the origination of the foot pain?

  • Nerve damage

If the foot pain is caused owing to trauma in the following, then it may be a possible cause for the nerve damage:

  • Lower Back
  • Hip Knee
  • Ankle

  • Sciatica or the nerve root compression

If the foot pain is associated with the subsequent factors, then it is possible the case of the nerve root compression:

  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Weakness in the following:
  • Buttock
  • Thigh
  • Leg

  • Sural Nerve compression

If the foot pain has originated owing to the close of tight-fitting shoes or boots, then it is always because of the compression in the nerve root.

  • Sciatica neuropathy

The foot pain which has commenced after receiving the injection in the hip or even after the hip surgery, then it is the symptom of sciatic neuropathy.

Bottom Line

In case, the problem of foot pain is bothering you too much, consider visiting the Hunjan hospital. The expert orthopaedic doctor will surely help you to do away with the pain. 

So book your consultation at the earliest to get treated with the minimally invasive approaches.