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Mark Brown (@gasparillaglass)
3 months ago

Have you ever started home improvement work, only to discover that you are knee-deep in unexpected challenges? Well, this is possible with shower door installations. Because just as we say in Murphy’s law, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. But we can learn from others’ experiences and try to minimize our mistakes in the Florida shower door and mirror projects. Let’s look at some such real-life shower door horror stories and learn valuable lessons from them.

Water leakage

One big purpose of frameless shower doors Florida installation is to make sure that water doesn’t leak out of the shower area. But with a poorly installed shower door, this nightmare can turn into reality, and water can drain into the bathroom floor. There are two types of leaks, which you need to be concerned about, though. One is visible on the top of your floor, and another secretly goes under it and damages it from the inside. Always opt for proper professional installation if you want to avoid this mistake.

Shattered glass

Let’s imagine you are taking a refreshing shower when, out of nowhere, your shower door glass shatters into a thousand pieces. Unfortunately, this reserved for imagination. It has been a real-life horror story for some people. Poor quality tempered glass or incorrect installation techniques are the major culprits in these situations. Quality materials should be used to protect your glass against these problems.

The DIY disaster

Everybody enjoys doing something themselves and taking on a project with enthusiasm. But enthusiasm won’t cut it when it comes to shower door installation. Without the necessary expertise, this too is a recipe for disaster. The worst thing that happened in these cases is a weird-looking installation that is very unstable.

Ill-fitting shower door

Sometimes, even with ‘professional’ installation, you might get frustrated later. Ill-fitting doors are common horror stories that lead to degenerated aesthetics and compromised alignment. Before hiring a professional, check the shower installation company’s record and credentials. Check out the previous projects they completed to be sure that you are investing in the real deal.

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