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Game On (@gameon)
5 months ago

Valentine’s week is just around the corner. Are you confused about how to surprise your partner on this special occasion? If so, you should ensure to plan a date that your partner would truly enjoy. So, what are your partner’s likes and dislikes? Do they enjoy watching sports? If they do, you can try planning a date that includes visiting pubs showing boxing. Are you wondering how you can plan such a date? Continue reading to learn about it.

Take them out to an arcade

The first stop of your date would be an arcade where you and your partner can enjoy playing some fun games and activities. This can be a quick warm-up before the actual date, and you can spend time bonding with each other while enjoying these activities. Apart from this, you can also go for a coffee date. If you both do not enjoy arcades as much, a coffee date can also be a nice start to your special day.

Watch their favorite sport in a pub

After this, you can head to a pub that shows your partner’s favourite sport. If you are wondering where to watch boxing, you can find the right pub using a platform that provides information about different pubs showing sports. Using such a sports finder, you can efficiently get the best details for planning your date.

Surprise them with some cake and gifts

Once you reach the pub and the game starts, you should also plan another surprise for your partner. You can contact the team of the pub and request them to provide you with a cake and maybe also decorate a bit to help you make your partner feel special. You can also give them some gifts.

Take them for a long drive before returning home

After you are done watching the sport and having your dinner and drinks, it will be time to head back home. But wait! Instead of just heading straight back home, you can plan a long drive to some special places that have some importance in your love story to truly make this day worth remembering. This day will surely stay fresh in your memories for a long time.

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