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Game On (@gameon)
4 months ago

It's a game season, and you are etching to watch a main event at your local pub. You are a fan of Rugby as well as the Super Bowl, and you can’t decide which pub should you park yourself in for a thrilling experience. Here we’ll give you a breakdown, and help you decide by comparing each sport, and sports Pubs showing Rugby and Superbowl.

Atmosphere and Energy

The pub atmosphere is always the key. And both Rugby and Superbowl fare differently when it comes to the energy and atmosphere in a pub. Rugby in a pub is like being a part of a continuous cheer squad. In this game, the action never seems to stop. You’ll notice a constant hum, eruptions, and excitement in the crowd. On the flip side, Pubs showing Superbowl will offer you a wild mix of fans coming together. The crowd can be silent at times, and sometimes you’ll feel like a concert has started in the pub.

Style of Play

Rugby showcases a wide variety of plays like tackles, runs, and cunning plays that will always keep you in some adrenaline rush. American football is more like a chess game. It has more strategic moves where each play is carefully coordinated between players. And when the final touchdown happens, the celebration is worth fireworks.

Scoring and celebrations

Rugby involves tries, conversions, penalties, and drop goals, each with its thrill and celebrations. You’ll experience different emotions, and you’ll go through different types of conversations in the middle of the game. But with the Super Bowl, it's all about touchdowns, field goals, and extra points. Where the biggest moment is always the touchdown celebration.

Global vs American Appeal

Both Rugby and the Super Bowl have different kinds of fans. Rugby is a global sport, so it has fans uniting from different countries. In Australia, it’s a common interest among fans with different tournaments and popular players. While the Super Bowl is more of a cultural phenomenon in America.

So whichever game you choose, don’t forget to enjoy, and savour every moment! The battle for the best pub day is on!

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