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Robert Luis (@witlingo)
5 months ago

Senior care communities deliver much-needed services to individuals in need. Those who are not capable of living on their own due to age or certain health concerns find peace in these communities. With peace, we mean all the necessary assistance here. Independent living communities try to take a step ahead in serving residents of the community. For this, they have been shifting to AI independent living solutions. It leads to enhanced senior care. Here are some advantages of this shift.

Personal Care:

The health conditions of every individual differ at certain points. For instance, vitals, like pulse rate, heart rate, etc., that do not affect one resident might be dangerous for another. Each resident needs personal care. Therefore, caretakers take the help of generative AI that allows them to deliver enhanced personalized care. For instance, wearable devices with generative AI can track the vitals all the time. If there are dangerous fluctuations, these devices can alert caretakers and the medical team.

Better Communication:

Communication can be a barrier within communities. It can also influence independent and assisted living communities. Staff members and residents have to maintain a smooth communication. AI enhanced senior care can contribute to this matter as well. Chatbots, voicebots, etc., can help conduct smooth communication within the community. Along with this, communication tools, by generative AI, keep residents and staff members connected with families and friends. Residents need a personal connection to feel good, whereas staff members need to connect to family members and other guardians to deliver & receive information at times.

Smoother Operations:

AI-generated communication tools are necessary for staff members within the community. These tools maintain a smooth flow of procedures within the community. If there is no miscommunication amongst the staff members then it would improve productivity and operability of the community. Along with this, AI-generated tools can provide necessary details about the repair and maintenance of equipment that can keep working for residents without any hassle. All of these reasons make AI-generated tools necessary for assisted and independent living communities. Hence, they are worth trying.

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