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First Home Cleaning (@firsthomecleaning)
2 months ago

Hello, fellow cleaning enthusiasts! It's fun and interesting to live in a historic home in New Orleans, but it can be hard to keep that old-fashioned charm. Relax, we've got your back. If you want to keep the charm of your old New Orleans home while also giving it a professional clean, here are our five top tips from cleaning services New Orleans.

How to clean around unusual architecture

People in New Orleans love old homes with interesting architectural features like exposed brick, ornate moldings, and high ceilings that make the room feel like a piece of history. Take the time to respect and carefully clean these parts when you're cleaning. For delicate moldings, a soft-bristled brush works great, and a light cleaner will keep exposed brick looking its best.

Win the Humidity Battle: Get a professional cleaning to stop mold growth

We love our city, but the heat is a painful problem. Mold can grow in old houses, especially in places where it's humid. To stay on top of it, you must hire a house cleaning New Orleans specialist who specializes in keeping mold away. Cleaning and checking your home on a regular basis can keep you from having a mess that takes away its charm.

Make your floors look better: Maintenance tips for wood that last a lifetime

Beautiful hardwood floors add to the charm of many historic houses in New Orleans. Use a light cleaning method to keep them looking their best. Instead of using harsh chemicals, use a damp mop and a light cleaner that is safe for wood cleaning. This not only keeps your floors looking beautiful but also makes your historic space more appealing overall.

Take it easy: cleaning old furniture

There's a treat in store for you if your home has old furniture. A gentle touch is needed to keep these classic pieces looking beautiful. If you are looking for deep cleaning, check out cleaning services available in your area.

Bringing in the sun through the windows

Gorgeous, big windows let lots of warm sunshine into many homes in New Orleans. Window cleaning New Orleans on a daily basis is necessary to keep them crystal clear and keep their classic look. To get a shine without streaks, mix vinegar and water together. Also, don't forget to pay extra attention to the cute details of your window frames.

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