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Mark Ben (@markben)
5 months ago

Congratulations, you are engaged! How exciting it would be to share this wonderful news with your friends and family. This moment is yours to celebrate a major milestone you have achieved in your life. You are going to spend the rest of your life with your cherished partner.

While we want you to enjoy this amazing moment, we also want you to take a moment to realize that you need to plan the whole wedding once you decide on the date. The wedding date could be a year later or just 2 months down the road. In any case, you have so much to prepare. And a wedding planner book can be extremely helpful.

What is a wedding planner book?

A wedding planner book provides you with the space to plan all the crucial details of your wedding. For example, guest lists, venue details, vendor contracts, timelines, budget tracking, wedding ideas, inspiration for décor, dresses, and more.

There are different types of wedding planner books available online. For example, some wedding planner books help you focus more on the budget and hence have a detailed section to track your expenses. Most wedding planner books can be customized to ensure they become a mood board for your wedding.

Why might you need a wedding planner book?

Apart from helping you plan and jot down the details of your wedding, a personalised wedding planner will become like a keepsake for you to look back on later.

Of course, you will have a photographer and videographer to capture your wedding day and candid moments. But what about the journey between your engagement and your wedding date? The days and nights you spend with your spouse, family, and friends to determine what your wedding day looks like. The moments of utmost happiness and emotions while deciding on your wedding dress. And so many more.

A wedding planner book allows you to note all these endearing moments of your wedding planning journey to cherish for the time to come. A fantastic tool that becomes a cherished keepsake in your life.

So, if you haven’t thought about getting a wedding planner book, you might want to buy it now!

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