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Keene Systems (@keenesystems)
5 months ago

You want to know what's new in mobile application development services for 2024. We have seen some great technologies evolve in 2023. Some of these technologies will make an impact this year, too. And some will continue to proliferate, changing your life forever. Let's discuss some trends you can explore in mobile app development this year.

AI and ML: Making Apps Smarter Going ahead

AI and ML are making their mark in the world of apps. These apps can understand you. It would be cool if a chatbot or app could read your mind. Mobile app development service makes apps that are easy to use and manage.

AR and VR aren't just for gamers.

AR and VR used to be all about games, right? No longer, though. These techs will be used in healthcare, online shopping, and even school in 2024. We are already going forward in the direction of the virtual fitting room or learning something in a VR experience that is so real it makes you feel like you're there. It's like things from science fiction are real!

Use your voice to tell your apps what to do.

Voice tech is growing. You can do more than just ask Siri what the weather is like. The new generation apps will help you use your voice to control everything. Do you need to get pizza or turn off the lights? Say the word. These apps will ask you intelligent questions, like “Hey, do you want pizza for more or just for yourself?”

Edge computing is growing, too

For those who don't understand the term "edge computing," it means processing data closer to where you are. This makes apps very fast and reliable. This means apps can work faster and better, which is especially helpful in emergencies, like when healthcare apps are used.

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