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John Methew (@johnmethew)
5 months ago

Research Online Purchase Offline, ROPO, is a new trend amongst customers. Most people these days look for brands, products, and services online before they make a purchase offline. Hence, businesses these days must have a strong online presence. You can invest in a social media presence; however, building and maintaining a stunning business website is of the utmost importance.

Using the fantastic skills of Vancouver website developers, your business can develop a website to create a functional and seamless first point of contact for your customers. So, look for the following skills before hiring a web developer.

CSS and HTML Skills

A business website is built using HTML elements while it is styled using CSS elements. HTML provides the website structure, whereas CSS provides the style, such as fonts, colours, and more. Hence, a website developer must be well-versed in these core components of website building.

Responsive web design

You might already know most people use their laptops or mobile devices to search for brands. Hence, your business website must have a responsive design that adjusts to the screen sizes of various devices. This ensures your website features are displayed effectively. A skilled web developer from a professional web design company Vancouver can help you achieve it efficiently.

JavaScript skills

When it comes to building an online website or other elements, JavaScript language is the first preference. It can provide you with customized and interactive websites. A web developer must have an acute understanding of JavaScript to deliver a seamless yet attractive business website for you.

Debugging and Testing

Maintenance of your business website will include debugging and testing the overall performance over time. This ensures your website is error-free and runs seamlessly on all devices. When hiring a web developer, you must ensure they know how to debug and test a website to ensure efficient working.

Back-end web programming languages

.NET, PHP, Ruby, and Java are popular back-end web programming languages. These languages help create websites that are dynamic and can communicate with online databases to provide visitors with personalized experiences. When hiring a web developer, make sure they have experience in these languages.

In addition, they must also have skills related to SEO, Git, CMS, frameworks, libraries, and more.

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