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Edwerd Philps (@hardrockland)
4 months ago

The climate around us is changing rapidly and we need to take the right steps to reverse its effect. But this begins right at your home. So, when you are planning for landscape design Barrie solutions, make sure to keep landscaping climate-friendly. Let’s find out how you canplan your landscape by keeping climate change in mind.

Planning for smartwater use

When you are going for landscaping services, make sure torely on the right irrigation systems that can provide water to the roots. You can also go for rainwater harvesting to make the best use of natural water. Drought-tolerant plants can also be a great option for your landscape.

Less water-wasting plants

If you choose turf, there can be several negative effects. Toxic chemicals can directly enter your groundafter fertilizers, weed killers, or other kinds of such productsare used for the turf. This can even enter the water supply and create huge issues. So, you should reduce the turf as much as possibleto take care of the environment.

Grouping plants and flowers

Water efficiency should be on top of your list when you work with Barrie landscaping companies. If you wish tobring a change in the climate, you can group plants accordingly. For instance, if someplace in your property has underground water sources naturallyor has poor drainage, you can plant trees that can grow efficiently in such areas there.

Adding lots of trees

Trees are highly useful for birds and other types of local animals. They can provide them shade and can also cool your property during the warmer months. They can also help in reducing soil erosion. So, make sure to invest in lots of trees when going for landscaping on your property.

Additional tips

After the landscaping service is completed, you can do your bit by letting the leaves stay on the garden beds as this will provide insects with a habitat and promote good fungal growth in soil. This will also help with water retention. After your climate-friendly landscape is ready, you should also take care of landscaping maintenance and make sure that you do not harm the environment in any way during this process. Weather conditions are getting extreme, and it is important to go for sustainable techniquesto make a difference.

If you wish to get landscaping or interlock Barrie solutions for your property, make sure to work with a company that stays updated with the latest trends and techniques.

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