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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
2 months ago


It was peach black , Margaret stepped carefully through the dark under brush , twigs cracked under her weight , she relaxed her back against the big Baobab , to catch her breath , she couldn't tell if Jacob made it out alive of the SUV , it had somersaulted a good number of time , the beasts had suddenly leapt on the bonnets of the car .

She had pushed her out of the car , his legs were trapped in the car . "Come out baby ." Margaret begged , he shook his head . "Baby you have to go without me , I will try to shout and draw them to myself , so you can escape with our child ." He said , he was bleeding from the face , as the vehicle lay on its back .

"I can't leave you baby , I can't let's get you out ." She whispered with teary eyes. She turned sharply to the a movement in the bush , a few metres away , it was heavy , and then more followed the growling snarls filled the night .

"Baby it's now or never , go save our son I love you ." Jacob said squeezing his wife's hands , it was so dark ,that she couldn't see his face , but could hear his sniffled cries , she got up and left her husband , she began to , the beast sprang up from the bush , grunting with a menacing growl , they chased after Margaret, she was exhausted and drained but she had to keep running to keep her baby alive.

The beast were galloping after her , she stumbled through the dark woody night , the growls were ever increasing. "Hey am here ! Hey! Hey! come get me !" Jacob screamed at the fiery giant cats inside his car , the Beast made a U-turn from following Margaret , they turned to her husband in the car .

Sharp claws dug into his skin tearing it open blood poured like oil from a broken jerrican. "Aaaarh Jesus! Aaaarh Jesus somebody help !" Jacob screamed his mouth almost tearing open . The eyes of the six seven feet tall black cats shun yellow like a yellow star at the middle of the night , they dragged Jacob out of the car and tore him into bits , each taking a piece of his body away .

Margaret stopped for a while to hear her husband's voice probably for the last time , his cries rented the room . She began to run again she needed to get to the main road to get a vehicle to help her out of the carnage . But then she heard dried woods breaking under the weight of something invisible , something that camouflaged with the night , she was backing away slowly eyes the heinous beast .

"Heeey! Hey ! Jesus!" Margaret screamed when the beast dragged hi to the ground ,they furiously tore her into pieces .

"Jesus! Jesus ! Jesus !" She screamed as she jumped out of her sleep ,holding the bedsheets tight around her .Jacob woke from his deep sleep , she was sweating profusely under the cold room , the air conditioner was blowing at the highest temperature.

"what's it baby?" Jacob held his heavily pregnant wife , she was still trembling. "Talk to me baby ? why were you screaming . Was it the dream again ?" He asked and she slowly nodded . He embraced her . "Don't worry baby , you'll be fine ." He kissed her forehead, she glued herself to him . Her heart drumming under her ribs .

She felt crippled by the feeling of fear , that had come over her , She refused to be alone in the big six bedroom detached duplex. They lived alone in the gigantic house , Jacob's father had given to them as a wedding present.

"Babe I don't want to be left alone, can we go together?" Margaret pleaded with her husband. "Come on sweetheart, you are going to be safe , do you think nightmares would cross over from your dream to reality ?" He said kissing her ."I won't be long baby , in fifteen minutes I'll be back from the pharmacy, you'll be fine."

The dreadful feeling ,caused her to have stomach cramps , she couldn't say word , she sat on the couch , when she heard the growl, she jumped up staring all over the room , with unease , she would dial Jacob's number over and over , as she looked over her shoulders , she knew there was someone or an entity in the house .

"Hello is there anyone there ?" she called as she fumbled her way around , checking from one room to another , looking for the intruder . The growling snarls was so loud ,

She heard the sounds of kitchen utensils tumbling down ,then finally the whole shelves in the kitchen crumbled , she rushed there to see .

She kept dialling her husband's number he wasn't picking , she felt whoever it was was already in the house while her husband was there, it waited for him to go before it attacked .

"Oh God Jacob pick the d a m n call !" She bemoaned as she placed her hands on her protruding stomach , the baby was kicking , maybe it also felt the tension around it. She tiptoed to the kitchen .

There she saw the black cat standing seven five feet tall , she was frozen , it was so large bigger than an African lion, the furs were so black like a bottomless pit , her eyes met the yellow eyes , she froze in fear , the beast bared it fangs at her , snarling with a crackling guttural sounds, her legs suddenly became vegetables, she was almost collapsing, she stopped breathing for a minute.

she wondered how a beast of that size got into the house , she had locked all the doors and windows, when Jacob was about to leave to get her drugs and provision from ShopRite,there was no way a beast of that size could come into the house , when they was no forest around Lagos to keep such . She turned and fled from the kitchen ,the beast ran out chasing after her .

The light began to flicker, a few seconds later the house was thrown into total blackness. If chased after her into the sitting room , It sharp claws that tore open the couch , as it tried to pin the heavily pregnant woman

, the claws sharp like dag g e r shot out of its fingers . bared its sharp canine at her , slimy saliva drooled down from its growling mouth , she took a step back another , without seeing her back , she dashed towards the the bedroom on the first floor , she got in and shut the door . The beast began to slam it's massive body against the door , which made the house tremble to the foundation, the door was too strong for it to get in , she sat beside her bed holding her heart in her lips . The slamming continued, the door began to give way , as she screamed the beast burst into the house .

It flung her across the room , leaving a deep cut in her neck , she fell hard on her stomach , the pains were nerve wrenching , she whimpered slowly . The big cat began to twitch and growl, it changed into a human , shedding it's furs on the ground ,She tried to look at his face, lying on her back , the light was flickering again ,he looked so familiar , but she couldn't tell who he was , she trembled as the man walked towards her .

Tears flowed down her eyes not for her life ,but those of her twin babies . " Please don't kill me ." She begged , the tall man with a menacing look ignored her sorrowful pleas and locked his powerful hands around her neck , he began to choke her to dead , the Margaret trashed and tossed with her legs struggling to get out of the chokehold, but the grip was iron , at a point the light that had become stable began to dim as her breathe was exhausted, her lungs fought hard to keep her alive ,for her and her unborn children.

She could hear Jacob calling out her name downstairs and banging at the the big German door , but she had no strength to respond , She recognised the man , who was pinning her to the ground , more tears surged out of her eyes ,She lay on cold floor as the darkness overtook her ,and her husband's voice faded away .