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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
2 months ago



Dad I was rapped..Amaka shouted holding the belt to avoid it landing on her head again

Shut up,who rapped you? What were you doing outside that made you got rapped, Amaka you're leaving this house oo..Nnedi shouted going into the room to bring our her clothes

You're such a disgrace Amaka, my only hope, I have always believed in you,I believe you will change the situation of this family, now you chose to rub mud on my face, Amaka leave my house this minute.. Mr Emmanuel barked kicking her at the back

Daddy where do I go to? I don't have anywhere to go..she wailed spitting out blood from her mouth

You don't know where to go right? I advice you to go and meet the riffraff that got you pregnant.. Nnedi said throwing her bags outside

Nnedi's children came out staring at Amaka, her first daughter who Amaka seniored with one year stared at her and started mocking her

Go away Amaka, you're a disgrace to ussss..she laughed

Mum, dad,allow Amaka to pass the night here tomorrow morning she can find her way to the guy that impregnated her, it's not safe out there..the first son Chibueze suggested looking at his father

You want to join her out there right? His mother shouted giving him a knock

Don't mind him mum,he's always protecting Amaka.. His sister said pushing him away

Daddy please, daddy believe me I was rapped, daddy don't do this to me.. Amaka said as she continued crying

Amaka the only hope, my children ain't the only hope of this family right? Okay ooo,now she has disappointed you,your only hope has disappointed you..Nnedi barked

Chibueze hissed and went inside followed by his siblings

I trusted Amaka, I still don't believe Amaka can do this to me, I can't boast because of you again, Amaka leave this compound let the vultures feast on you..Mr Emmanuel said wiping off his sweats

Amaka dragged her bags along with her, she doesn't know where she will pass the night


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