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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
2 months ago



Amaka sat bewildered, she stood up and gathered courage to meet her mum

Mum..she called

Who's that? Eh what's it? Nnedi asked

Mum there's something I want to tell you..Amaka said shivering

Do I look deaf to you? Madam talk I'm listening.. Her mum replied sitting upright

I'm pregnant ma..Amaka said covering her face

You're what? Amaka I know you're always going to be the black sheep in this family, I know you're useless just like your mum, you're still in ss3,how will you write your waec,by the time your miserable father comes back and hears this you must have leave this house.. Nnedi shouted

O gini? Their neighbour asked

Ask Amaka, mama uche,this useless girl is pregnant.. Nnedi shouted raising her hands

How come Amaka? Why are you a disgrace? The woman asked smiling mischievously

Ma,I was rapped.. Amaka said

Kai shut up,leave here right now.. Her mum barked hitting her

It's time you settle those guys,they did a good job.. Mrs Ngozi said sitting down

By the time my husband comes back, he won't have any other alternative than to send her away,she should give me space biko..Nnedi said relaxing her back on the wall

That's nice, that's what you always wanted,space, space, space.. Mrs Ngozi said laughing

My dear,this girl has been a torn on my flesh which you know, she disgust me, I hate her with my full chest..Nnedi replied

I'm going please, I can't wait to hear the next gist..said Mrs Ngozi leaving the room

Mr Emmanuel came back late in the night, he sat down waiting for his dinner to be served

Emma I want to tell you something.. Nnedi said frowning her face

Nnedi, my food first..I'm very hungry.. He replied rubbing his belly

Your daughter is pregnant...

I didn't hear you well,come again.. He said standing to his feet

Your daughter is pregnant, that girl is such a disgrace, a useless human being born by a useless mother.. Nnedi shouted

Amaka came out from her hiding place and knelt before her dad crying uncontrollably