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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
2 months ago



Soma rubbed her palm romantically on doctor Chris chest,he slapped her hand down and shifted back

Ain't you ashamed of yourself eh? Doctor Chris snapped

Soma locked the door, she came back, sat down and brought out a small knife

She went closer to him,kissed him and dugged the knife inside her stomach,she went to meet boma

Boma was fast asleep when soma entered

She placed her palm on Boma's head and started singing

Boma sprang up, she stared at her for a moment and removed her hand from her body

Say your last prayer boma.. Soma said bringing out the knife

Someone pushed the door open, four policemen entered,they handcuffed soma and took her away

She was tortured, she was also sentenced to to life imprisonment likewise her father

Boma was discharged as soon as possible, her husband sent one of his drivers who came and picked her

Soma died with her pregnancy due to lack of feeding, she wasn't feeding fine

Her corps was disposed at the waste bin while vultures feasted on it


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