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Smith Brown (@smithbrown)
3 months ago

If you want the lush, healthy yard you've always dreamed of, your weekly lawn care and landscaping company in Olathe KS is in it with you. The most important thing, though, is to speak clearly with your service provider to make sure that your lawn care needs are met. Here are four important things to talk about with your service provider:

Ensuring the right Grass Height

Getting the grass to the right height has a lot to do with how your lawn will look. Talk to your lawn maintenance professional about what height is best for the type of grass. Maintaining the right height can stop weeds from growing, help roots grow, and make grass more resistant to weather. Different types of grass do best at different heights.

Figuring out the best mowing frequency

The mowing frequency is important to keep your yard healthy. If you want to know the best way to mow your yard based on its growth rate and the changing seasons, talk to your service provider. Not cutting the grass short enough can stress it out and stop the roots from growing, and cutting the grass too short can cause thatch to build up and help weeds grow. You can make your grass denser and more durable by finding the right balance and sticking to a regular mowing plan.

Using the right Blade Sharpness

Making clean cuts will help you improve the grass's health, and you need sharp mower blades for this. Rough edges are created by dull blades that tear the grass instead of cutting it cleanly. This can cause diseases due to uneven water movement in the plant. Talk to landscaping company in overland park KS about how they take care of blades. To get the best cutting results, it's a good idea to sharpen the blades every 25 hours of yard work.

Seasonal Adjustments

Discuss with your service provider what changes need to be made to account for changes in temperature, rainfall, and plant growth trends that happen with the seasons. For example, airflow and disease prevention should lower the cutting height in cooler months. If you work with your service provider, you can keep your lawn healthy and strong all year.

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