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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
2 months ago


1. Have a joint vision for your love. Don't just be together without direction. Agree on areas you will grow in, things that will define your year and projects you will pursue together.

2. Give each other eye contact more, this communicates love and attention. Unfortunately, the more some stay together, the less they show care.

3. Complain less. Tone down the fault finding. The more you appreciate each other, the more you two will be inspired to do better.

4. Communicate better. Send each other warmer texts, call each other more even if for just a brief conversation. Scroll down your messages and see love. Be each other's peace.

5. Laugh more. Find things that bring you both laughter. Watch comedies, be each other's clown, share funny videos, smile more. It makes things warmer between you two.

6. Support each other's dreams. None should feel like their progress is being curtailed. Find out your partner's dream and help to achieve it.

7. Increase your joint wealth. Analyse how you two make money and use money and maximize your earnings. Add or improve your revenue streams. Save. Invest.

8. Find a person, a family or a cause that you can help together as a couple. Be a blessing to people as a joint force. When you are a blessing to others together, you will not focus on petty fights between you two.

9. Listen to the concern your partner has about your friends or your habits and see if they are substantive. Don't hold on to friends and a lifestyle that pulls you down as a couple.

10. Agree on a joint approach to your parents and in-laws and ways you can be a blessing to them as a couple.

11. Pray more together as a couple. Cultivate your individual relationship with God and your walk with God as a couple.

12. Have your legacy as a couple in mind. What legacy do you want to leave behind to this generation and your children as a couple? Mentor your child/children. Make success stories out of 2021.

13. Be more deliberate about listening to each other and making each other feel special by custom making your love to love your partner the way your partner wants to be loved and vice versa. Know their love language.

14. Travel. Try out new experiences you have never been to or felt. Go out on dates more and make time for quality time. Companionship needs allocated time.

15. Seek to please each other more sexually. Desire to give your spouse amazing sexual experiences.

16. Touch each other more, plant soft kisses on their cheek, lips or forehead, rub each other's waist and hug more even without sex being the agenda.

17. Listen less to gossip about each other from others. Be smart with your smart phone, don't let that small gadget come in between you two.

18. If you do not do this already. Learn to say "Please" and "Thank you". Do not take each other for granted. Show and exercise courtesy at every opportunity you get. This will make your spouse feel more appreciated.

19. Have some alone time. Do date nights; where it's just the two of you enjoying each other's company, and having intimate conversations.

20. Speak life and a blessing to your spouse every day. Words carry a lot of power. They can uplift, encourage motivate, inspire and build someone.