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Daniel Miller (@hawaiipools)
12 days ago

Hello pool enthusiasts! Are you thinking about designing a pool in your backyard that blends perfectly with nature? Nature-inspired designs are better looking and environmentally friendly. These designs take the aesthetic of a pool to the next level by creating a serene oasis right in your backyard. Here are some tips you can follow to take the beauty of your pool design to a whole another level with Maui pool builders:

Use Organic Shapes

Forget about cookie-cutter designs and straight edges. A nature-inspired pool design can be perfectly made with natural lines. You can opt for organic, free-flowing shapes that mimic the curves of natural ponds and streams. Pool deck builders can design the soft look of the pool to create a more inviting atmosphere by the poolside.

Incorporate natural materials

When it comes to the materials of the pool, going natural with decking, fencing, and landscaping will give the pool an edge. Think weathered wood, natural rocks, and native plants around the pool to give it an all-natural look. These elements can blend naturally with the surrounding environment to add character to your outdoor space.

Go Green with Lush Landscaping

One of the best ways to make your pool feel more natural is to go with lush greenery around it. You can plant trees, shrubs, and flowering plants that offer good shade and privacy. These plants will also help soften the edges of your pool to create a seamless transition with the landscape. And who doesn’t love the scent of flowers and the sound of rustling leaves around?

Integrate Water Features

Pool builders in Hawaii can help integrate the best natural features like waterfalls, cascades, and fountains into your pool. These features can truly take the pool design to the next level. You can create visual interest in the pool as well by mimicking natural water bodies and creating a relaxing and immersive experience for the guests. Additional features like rockeries, caves, and submerged ledges can also be integrated according to the size of your pool and your budget.

About Hawaii Pools:

Hawaii Pools is a pool builder company in Hawaii, specializing in pool designs, building, and maintenance. The concrete pool builders at Hawaii Pools can create infinity pool designs, natural pools, and other trendy designs. They also provide consultation for renovating pools and landscapes.

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