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They told her to leave her husband because she's worth more than him. They told her she's beautiful and successful, that a woman of her standard deserves a better man with a better job income and personality . She listened to them and abandoned her home.
It has been over 7yrs since then and she's still looking for a better man that matches her standard. The funniest part is that those friends who told her to leave her man are still with their own husbands, doing everything possible to save their homes.

Be very careful from who and where you take your relationship and marriage advice. The only advice you can get from a fool is a foolish advice. Anyone who recommends divorce or break up to you at every slight argument with your partner is an enemy that appears like friend.

A lazy man and a poor man are never the same. If a man doesn't have today does not mean he will be lacking for life. As long as he's GOD fearing, loving, caring, and appreciative of your efforts, you don't have to worry yourself. There are only two ways to regret in life. BEFORE AND AFTER. A woman who choose never to be patience for a while might ends up enduring for life. Marriage is not a bed of roses.
Becarefull of this

Don't Marry Because of SEX,
Don't Marry because you are getting OLD,
Don't Marry because you are of AGE,
Don't Marry because you are LONELY,
Don't Marry because you Need someone to Support you FINANCIALLY. Don't Marry because you Mistakenly Got PREGNANT for Him, Don't Marry because you don't want to LOSE the person, Don't Marry because of Family PRESSURES,
Don't Marry because you Like the IDEA Of
Marriage, Don't Marry because of PITY or Out of PITY, Don't Marry because of TRIBE, Don't Marry because you Admire of WEDDING GOWN you See, Don't Marry because you Love KIDS,
Don't Marry because all your Friends are
getting Married, Don't Marry because of Physical/ Academic Qualifications. But

Marry Because you want to Fulfil DESTINY. I pray to God almighty to give the Best Life Partner to Settle down and enjoy the fruits of marriage in the name of God Almighty. Amen.

1. Cover each other's weaknesses

2. Celebrate each other's strengths

3. Have no topics that you cannot talk about. No judgment. Openness will open your mind to solutions

4. Consider each other's opinions and contribution

5. Be 100% in. Full commitment

6. Make incremental progress. Seek growth, not perfection

7. Develop a culture of reviewing your relationship; are we doing OK, and where can we improve?

8. Accept correction, be humble

9. Work on yourselves to be the best wife, the best husband

10. Have joint goals

11. Support each other in your individual goals

12. Keep each other as a priority even as you have friends

13. Thank God together. A thankful couple is a powerful couple

14. Don't compete with each other, accommodate each other

15. Bring whatever lessons or opportunities you learn out there into your marriage. Learn together

16. Be patient. Some wins take time

17. When you fall whether as a couple or as individuals, pick each other up

18. Protect what you have built together. It is very easy to lose it fast

19. Control your tempers. A lot of bad choices are made in moments of anger

20. Don't copy other couples. Create your testimonies.
Dear Men,


Masturbation is a like a drug which makes you “happy” for a moment but “hell” for long term.

MASTURBATION is a sign of a undisciplined man. You’re wasting your LIMITED energy on something with no benefits. You don’t have a clear mission to put your energy into.

Avoid pornography and masturbation. It corrodes your soul and hinders your growth.

Whenever you feel the urge to watch porn, go down and do twenty push ups or take a cold shower. For every time you masturbate, fast for twenty four hours. Go hard and you'll overcome.

If you masturbate, you are idle, you lack a masculine purpose where you can drive your energy. Chasing pleasure (eg women, sex, alcohol, drugs) is not a man's purpose.

A man's purpose is to spend his energy building, constructing, creating and solving problems.

If you deeply internalized the consequences of masturbation, you will not attempt to masturbate.

If you are struggling with it, change your environment. Your mind is the product of your environment. Don't be stuck in an environment that triggers cravings.

Get into a new environment, and meet new peers. Take charge of your space. Be the architect of your environment, not the victim.

Stay away from MASTURBATION. Masturbation numbs your sexual vitality. It erodes your dignity. It corrodes your soul. It destroys your relationships. DO NOT MASTURBATE.

Masturbation destroys your divine masculine energy. Addiction to masturbation makes you
- Compose nothing
- Create nothing
- Command nothing

You'll become a useless, docile weak man with low self-esteem and zero masculine drive. Don't masturbate!