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Looking for how to make TOM BROWN BABY FOODβ€¦πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸΌ

Tom brown is a perfect food for both children
and adult
tom brown is very nutritious and help boost children immunity.

It is a combination of

Yellow corn

Guinea corn


Tom brown consist of protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, carbohydrate, vitaminb6 and vitamin b12 and a lot more.

It is very rich in fiber

For those of you that love chubby and healthy children I recommend tom brown for you.

Tom Brown is recommended for children above 6months and adult

My Recipe/ procedure

Half mudu of yellow corn
Half mudu of millet
Half mudu of Guinea corn

I picked/select stones out, then Wash and Sundry, roast slightly and take them to milling machine/grinders

Pls note there are several methods in preparing it :
*Dissolve the powder in water
Put it on fire( low heat)
Stir continuously to avoid lumps,until your desired thickness.

Another method is dissolved the powder with water in a separate bowl. Put your water to boil. Then pour the dissolve solution in the boiling water and be stirring simultaneously as you pour the content.
This one doesn't take time bcoz the water has already boil before adding the dissolved tombrown.
But if you have money or you want it more rich you can add some of these things that I will list here or even more, dry fish ,crayfish, dry plantain, fried groundnut and it will come out more rich and sweet.
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