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When Nollywood actors are caught in bed with another woman by their wives, here is what some of them will say..

Ramsey Noah :
"I am sorry dear. I can assure you it is not what you think. I can explain"

John Okafor(Mr Ibu) :
"Na my village people. You know me nah. You know say I no fit do that kind thing. Na my Nkanu masquerade dey pursue me"

Pete Edochie :
"The bird that thinks it owns the sky has never been hit by the broom of a witch. Breathe a word of what happened here to another soul and I'll show you what fire does to the ears of a rat"

Chiwetalu Agu :
"Ekwensu eromancia mammy water! You are an old school. You don't know how to do. She knows how to do. I did it with her. Why are you angry?"

Nkem Owoh(Osụọfia) :
"I said it. This is a set up. So,you set me up with your best friend. If not,why was she seducing me? How did you manage to find us here? I said it that you are an evil woman. Don't worry, when we get to the ụmụnna,you'll explain to them what your best friend that you introduced to me is doing on our matrimonial bed"

Olu Jacobs :
"Now,I am sorry. I'll give you a cheque of #10 million. Take it and go shopping with it. I'll also buy you a new car. Make sure it helps you forget whatever it is you saw here"

Charles Awurum :
"Na this witch oh. She talk say my wife no fit match her for bedroom activities. Talk say na she be the best. That my wife still be a learner. I don tell am say my wife dey do pass her,but she no gree. Na im I talk say make I do am with her to prove her wrong"

Francis Odega :
"Honey,I fit swear with my life say I no know say this woman no be you. How come una two resemble so? Nawaoh! Na when I dey on top the thing I come begin wonder say my wife thing no dey ever sound so. My wife own na kpaa kpaa kpaa. But this one dey sound fukum fukum fukum. Na the thing I just dey wonder before you come open door"

Tony Umez :
"I am sorry, duurling"
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