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Your brain's storage capacity is virtually unlimited.
The human brain contains 80-100 billion neurons.
More than 100,000 chemical reactions take place in the brain every second.
The human brain is the only object of any kind that can contemplate itself.
The human brain weighs approximately about 1.4 kilograms (3 pounds).
The human brain can generate about 23 watts of power (enough to power a lightbulb).
Sixty percent of the human brain is made of fat. That make it the fattiest organ in the human body.
The brain uses 20 percent of the body's total oxygen and energy.
The brain doesn't have pain receptors, so it can't feel exterior pain.
The average brain is believed to generate up to 50,000 thoughts per day.
Your brain has an autopilot setting allows us to perform common tasks like driving without actively thinking about them.
Your brain never sleeps while you're asleep, your brain is busy performing maintenance.
When a person dies, they have 7 minutes of brain activity left.

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