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I was 16 years old when I started staying with my single uncle...he has been so nice to me, such that he provided everything for me and our neighbours admired the bond we shared?it was really strong....

I had that friend whom I introduced to my uncle, and they finally fell in love?...Uncle stopped taking good care of me unlike he used before ??He stopped giving me money for my pads. He just started treating me badly and I felt so unloved because I never had anyone to share my pain with ?. One day, when I was coming from prep going home I saw a car coming behind me and gave it way...as the car passed, it then stopped in my direction, and had to by pass it, only heard the person from it calling me and I was so scared and frustrated at the same time. ??Anyway, I had to listen to him...he asked me to drop into the car. I hesitated, but later accepted his offer...We had a conversation and shared our contact details ??...He dropped me near my home ? and he left..He texted me "Goodnight my love "and that was my first time to receive such a text in my life...I jumped ❣he therefore asked to see me the next day...When we met, he gave me a wrist watch and necklace ?⌚...he then knelt down and proposed for my love...within no time, I fell for him too?He proved to me to be such a nice and caring man,such that every moment spent with him was a memorable one? I forgot all the troubles I had home. He started buying me school things like books, pens ,pads, etc...I even stopped worrying about not being given money by uncle....One day we went out as usual and he persuaded me to have sex with him...he broke my virginity...From that very day I developed much feeling for him like never before...We continued doing it over and over again...I later found out that he was married and I couldn't give up on loving him....He later stopped communicating with me...I was heartbroken ?I failed to fall in love again and life became more difficult for me ?Six months later, he called me and my heart jumped...he said he needed a link up! We met and all he had to ask was for a second chance...I complained and later gave in?He was so loving and caring....I was in my final year at Secondary, about to write my exams and got me pregnant ?I told him and he was so worried ,saying he could be arrested and lose his job due to the fact that I was a pupil ?He decided I abort!I was really scared because I could see people dying of abortions...At the same time, I never wanted him to be arrested and lose his job..I also never wanted to drop out from school ??I did the abortion! So painful! ?He promised never to leave me again...our bond became stronger ?. Some months later, he stopped communicating with me again ?I wrote my finals without hearing his voice...I later found myself into another relationship, but it was nothing compared to his love...later decided to breakup with the new bae and stayed single from that day up to today!

Eventually, my first lover is now calling me to settle and my useless heart is beating again ?What should I do?
I really love him ??
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