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Behind every broken heart? is someone who trusted the wrong person, gave his/her heart to the wrong person, loved and was never loved in return, sacrificed a lot for a lover? who was not worth it, hoped for someone who did not fulfil the hope, committed to the wrong relationship with someone who was not worth the commitment, etc.

Just remember this: Loving? the wrong person is not the end of life. Loving? the wrong person does not mean you will never be able to love? again, loving? the wrong person does not mean you are a loser.

Just like the stages of development of a butterfly, there are the ugly stages of larva and pupae but the adult is a beautiful butterfly that every person admires. Experiencing an ugly heart break does not mean you shall never live to experience a beautiful love? once more.

Heart break conditions someone how to live to experience true love? and appreciate it when it comes along in the future.

Someone who knows thirst really knows the value of water?️ more than someone? who has never experienced thirst; thus someone who has ever suffered a major heart break really appreciates when true love? comes along than someone who has never been heart broken.?

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