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Smith Mendes (@smithmendes)
25 days ago
Industrial epoxy can be used to manage large-scale operations where there is a need for strength and durability. Buying epoxy in bulk requires careful storage to keep it working as well as to extend its shelf life. The time over which an epoxy-like [metal epoxy putty](https://itwperformancepolymers.com/products/devcon/metal-rebuilding-repair/devcon-plastic-steel-putty-a) keeps its promised performance qualities is known as its shelf life. The product’s shelf life can be greatly impacted by things like temperature, humidity, and air exposure. We have created a few guidelines to ensure the best protection of your epoxy products and maximize their shelf life in this article. Let's get started **Temperature Management** Stable temperature is one of the most important aspects of bulk epoxy storage. Epoxy is best kept cool and dry, between 60°F and 80°F (15°C and 27°C). Both too-hot and too-cold temperatures can break down epoxy and decrease its usefulness. Click here to learn more properties of epoxy. **Managing Humidity** Another enemy of epoxy is humidity. Extremely high moisture content can damage the epoxy. Store epoxy in a low-humidity, climate-controlled area to avoid this. The right conditions can be maintained in storage spaces by using dehumidifiers. **Original Packaging** Keep epoxy in its original packaging whenever possible. The manufacturers design packaging specific to the type of epoxy. These containers of the [strongest epoxy for metal](https://itwperformancepolymers.com/products/devcon) are designed to ensure good packaging that can keep out atmospheric elements. **Airtight Containers** If you are moving epoxy products to different containers, you must go for airtight ones. Tightly fitting lids on steel or high-density polyethylene containers are best. **Cutting Back on Air Exposure** Most users make the mistake of exposing epoxy products to the air when they are using them. The less time the epoxy container is open the better when utilizing it from bulk containers. An early curing of the epoxy can happen if it's exposed too much to the air. **Strategies for Resealing** Make sure the container is correctly resealed after using epoxy. To guarantee an airtight closure and avoid contamination, it is necessary to wipe the container's rim of any leftover material before sealing. **About ITW Performance Polymers:** ITW Performance Polymers provides premium epoxy solutions like [epoxy concrete sealer](https://itwperformancepolymers.com/products/devcon-epoxy-concrete-sealer) for industries of all sizes and types. The company is known for its creative solutions and dependable performance with a wide range of products like premium adhesives, coatings, and sealants made to withstand the rigorous demands of industrial applications. For more information, visit [https://itwperformancepolymers.com/](https://itwperformancepolymers.com/) Original Source: [https://bit.ly/4aIKa41](https://bit.ly/4aIKa41)
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