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Sophie Bryant (@sophiebryant)
23 days ago
Do you know that paints are available in a wide variety of paint finishes? If the sheen is higher, the shine will also be higher. To know more about it, visit here. So, how the paint will look after the work of [painting contractors near me](https://graydaze.com/repaint-services/) depends on the finish. The paint finish will also affect the durability and maintenance of the paint. So, let’s discuss about different types of paint finishes. **High gloss** High gloss paint will reflect the most. It is also highly durable and one of the easiest finishes when it comes to cleaning. So, you can make the most out of your high-gloss paint. But one should prepare the area properly before application. This will help ensure that the finish looks flawless at all times. It is perfect for all kinds of small surfaces. **Semi gloss** While a semi-gloss paint finish still reflects light, it is not as shiny when compared to a high gloss paint finish. But it is still quite durable and can last for a long time. You may notice such kinds of finishes mostly in areas where there is a lot of moisture. If your business involves moisture, you can choose a semi-gloss finish. It is mildew-resistant as well. **Satin** The satin paint finish is also suitable for all kinds of interior painting jobs. it leaves a soft yet velvet-like finish. It is, however, not as durable as a gloss finish. But it can be suitable for indoors. The [office building painters](https://graydaze.com/repaint-services/) would rely on the right application technique to ensure that the results are up to the mark. But you can easily clean it also. **Matte** Matte paint finish reflects very little light. If there are any imperfections on the walls, one can easily cover them with very less coats of the matte paint finish. So, it will not be as difficult to hide the imperfections. But these paint finishes are not as long-lasting as the other options. If you try cleaning them, they may even get damaged. So, they are only suitable for areas where there is less traffic. While choosing a paint finish, consider maintenance and durability to make the best decision. **About Graydaze:** Graydaze is one of the more reliable companies that offer painting solutions. All the [commercial painters in my area](https://graydaze.com/repaint-services/) working with them have extensive experience in this field. So, they can perfectly guide you according to your requirements. To get exterior painting solutions, visit [https://graydaze.com/](https://graydaze.com/) Original Source: [https://bit.ly/3KnZFUv](https://bit.ly/3KnZFUv)
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