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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
3 months ago
7 Lessons From The Rules of Life by Richard Templar 1. Be Your Own Adviser Deep down within all of us is a fount of wisdom. This is called intuition. Listening to your intuition is a slow-learned process. 2. Never Lend Money Unless You Are Prepared To Write It Off. If you lend money or anything else, don't do it unless you are prepared for it to be lost, forgotten, not returned. If you are previous about it, then don't lend it in the first place. If it means a lot to you, keep it safe. If you do lend anything including money, then don't expect to get it back if you value the friendship or relationship. But if you do get it back then that's a bonus. 3. Be Flexible in Your Thinking Once your thinking gets crystallized, rigid, and formed, you’ve lost the battle. Once you think you have all the answers, you might as well hang up your boots. Once you get set in your ways, you’re already part of history. 4. Accept Yourself You can’t go back and change anything, so you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. Accepting is easy because it is exactly what it says—accepting. You don’t have to improve or change or strive for perfection. Quite the opposite. And Just accept. That means accepting all the warts and emotional lumps and bumps, the bad parts, the weaknesses, and the rest of it. This doesn’t mean we are happy with everything about ourselves, or that we are going to be lazy and lead a bad life. We are going to accept the way we are, initially, and then build on that. What we are not going to do is beat ourselves up because we don’t like some parts. 5. You Will Get Older But Not Necessarily Wiser. There is a saying that as we get older we will get wiser; not true. But we can carry on being just as foolish, still making plenty of mistakes. It’s just that we make new ones, different ones. We do learn from experience and may not make the same mistakes again, but there is a whole new pickle jar of fresh ones just lying in wait for us to trip up and fall into. The secret is to accept this and not to beat yourself up when you do make new ones. The Rule really is: Be kind to yourself when you do muck things up. Be forgiving, and accept that it’s all part of that growing older but no wiser routine. 6. Know What Counts and What Doesn’t. Being here counts. Being kind and considerate counts. Getting through each day without seriously offending anyone or hurting anyone counts. Having the latest technology doesn’t. Doing something useful with your life counts. There are some things in this life that are important and a whole lot of things that aren’t. 7. Don’t Expect to Be Perfect You’re allowed to be human, you know. In fact, you’re actively encouraged to be human. Don’t try to set yourself above everyone else—the rest of us fail from time to time. ????
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