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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
3 months ago
HOW TO WIN AS A COUPLE 1. Cover each other's weaknesses 2. Celebrate each other's strengths 3. Have no topics that you cannot talk about. No judgment. Openness will open your mind to solutions 4. Consider each other's opinions and contribution 5. Be 100% in. Full commitment 6. Make incremental progress. Seek growth, not perfection 7. Develop a culture of reviewing your relationship; are we doing OK, and where can we improve? 8. Accept correction, be humble 9. Work on yourselves to be the best wife, the best husband 10. Have joint goals 11. Support each other in your individual goals 12. Keep each other as a priority even as you have friends 13. Thank God together. A thankful couple is a powerful couple 14. Don't compete with each other, accommodate each other 15. Bring whatever lessons or opportunities you learn out there into your marriage. Learn together 16. Be patient. Some wins take time 17. When you fall whether as a couple or as individuals, pick each other up 18. Protect what you have built together. It is very easy to lose it fast 19. Control your tempers. A lot of bad choices are made in moments of anger 20. Don't copy other couples. Create your testimonies.
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