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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
2 months ago
Good morning THIS IS THE REALITY !! !! . A mature lady does not care about your height, your money, your complexion and your job. A mature lady wants a man who will love her truly and give her happiness and peace of mind. . A girl who is not mature wants to date a tall, handsome and rich man. Even if you beat and insult her she doesn't care as long as you are handsome, rich, work in an oil company and tall, you are her dream man. She will never leave you. . SOME OF OUR LADIES NEED TO GROW UP. . THEY ARE STILL KIDS. . THIS IS WHY THEY WILL ALWAYS SUFFER HEART BREAKS because many handsome and rich guys are looking for girls to use and dump. . LADIES PLEASE CHANGE !! . MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING !! . YOU BETTER BE IN LOVE WITH A MAN WHO TRULY LOVES YOU THAN LOVING A RICH AND HANDSOME GUY WHO BREAKS YOUR HEART EACH AND EVERYDAY !! YOUR MAN CAN NEVER REMAIN THE WAY HE, MAYBE HE'S BROKE AND STILL STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE.... GOD MADE US OUT OF NOTHING, YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR MAN NO MATTER WHAT THE WORLD SAYS OR KNOW ABOUT HIM, MAKE HIM, BUILD HIM, HELP HIM AND TOGETHER YOU CAN BUILD AN EMPIRE . LADIES BE WISE AND GROW UP !!