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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
2 months ago
How to Attract a Respectable Partner: 1. Extend a greeting to those older than you, as it shows respect and approachability. 2. Avoid arrogance and pride, focusing on humility rather than family wealth. 3. Maintain an approachable, sociable, and cheerful demeanor. 4. Emphasize neat and attractive dressing without being overly revealing. 5. Reject overly revealing attire, as it may attract the wrong kind of attention. 6. Cultivate good character and kindness. 7. Avoid being a constant complainer or nag. 8. Show kindness and generosity to all. 9. Strive to be virtuous, not notorious. 10. Embrace prayerfulness, as many appreciate a spiritually-minded partner. Thank you for your time. #thelovedoctorken #theidealladiesfamily
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