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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
2 months ago
LADIES PLEASE ADD VALUE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP No relationship thrives for free. There must be something you're contributing, a problem you're solving, a need you're supplying, a value you're giving out. Love is not what makes it work. Your ability to stay relevant and useful to your partner makes it work. I advice you to first equip yourself because nobody values someone who has nothing to offer, no matter the love. A lot of girls complain that their guys walk away from them simply because they refused giving them sex... Some have even turned into sex toy just to keep their man.... Let me be very blunt here.... Sex might not be the reasons these guys walk away.. Remove sex from a Relationship, most girls don't have anything else to offer to their man! No extra oil at all!!! And the EXTRA OIL here is CHARACTER Most girls do not have this EXTRA OIL to sustain their relationship.. While many brag about self worth and some useless virginity they have threw to the dogs even before the develop breast... Aside SEX what can you have to offer to a man... Can you support him SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY, and MENTALLY All you do is demand for money for Bags, Shoes, Clothes and Outing. Making him spend unnecessarily..... What are you even bringing to the table?? Have you ever sat him down and help him plan his future?? Has he ever seen you as someone he can confide in? Finally Try to be a woman that a man Will always regret losing for the rest of his life. Be a woman that your man can never afford to lose for another man. Build your man to your taste and stop looking for already made husband when you are not already made wife....it is well,God will help you,received the Grace,Your marriage is rolling fast. May you marry someone who will make you fall in love with God every single day, God is your strength. Amen. Hope I'm talking to someone here? #thelovedoctorken #theidealladiesfamily
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