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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
2 months ago


Episode 8

It was Saturday morning and I woke up feeling confused. Actually, it was mum that woke us up. She wanted to speak with us. I and my sisters sat on the mattress. Blessing was still stretching and yawning. Mum looked at us and smiled. Dad walked in and sat on the mattress with us.

" Look, I know I have not been nice to all of you. I have realized my mistakes and want to make amends. I am sorry Susan for everything. Forgive me please." She went to dad and knelt before him.

"Forgive me my husband. I have been disrespectful to you."

"Are you for real" dad asked surprised

"Yes! I want to be a good wife to you and a better mother to Susan."

Even as she spoke, somehow I knew something wasn't right. Her apology was not genuine.

"Yesterday I went out and bought some beautiful clothes for you Susan. Wait for me"

She rushed into the room and returned with a nylon which she handed to me. As I collected the nylon, I heard a voice in my ear, "watch and pray".

In order not to disappoint her, I hugged her and my sisters clapped.

"This is how it's supposed to be" Cheta the parrot said.

"It was the devil manipulating me all along."

"I am glad everything is working out for my good" dad said. "Let's have a devotion and thank God for this change in my wife."

Dad led the devotion. He preached on forgiveness and for the first time, mum joined in the devotion.

I made up my mind not to be carried away by this wind of sudden change.

***. ***. ***

Mum has been in the kitchen cooking. It is unusual for her to lock herself in.

"I don't want you to see what I am cooking until I am ready" she said

"I know what you are cooking. The aroma of egusi soup is working wonders in my nose" Blessing said smiling.

"Far from that oo". We could hear her laughing hilariously. "Go and work on your nose. Just relax. I will soon be through."

She was still in the kitchen when Dad returned. He took his bath and sat in the parlour waiting for his meal. Mum had told us not to buy food outside again.

In no time, she came out smiling with dad's food. In excitement, we rushed into the kitchen to take our food. She rushed in.

"Wait! Wait! Susan's food is more" she carried a plate of food and handed to me. It was fried rice and a big chicken lap on my food. I heard dad calling us to hurry up so we can pray as family before eating. As I turned to leave the kitchen, I felt a force pushed me. I fell and my plate got broken.

As dad rushed to stand, he hit the table and his plate of rice poured on the floor.

I saw fire in mum's eyes. She rushed and gave me a terrible slap.

"What is the slap for? Dad asked in annoyance.

"For spoiling everything Ikechukwu."

"It was a mistake mum" Blessing said but she told her to shut up.

"All my efforts are wasted. Do you know I took my time to prepare this meal. Just look at my efforts on the floor."

"It was a mistake dear. There was no need to hit Susan like that."

"Look at your mouth. Is it because I didn't slap you also."

In shock dad moved back.

"I thought you have changed."

She hissed and walked passed dad into the room. We went into the kitchen to dish food for ourselves. As I opened the pot, dad asked.

"Did you say anything just now?"

"No sir" I whispered.

"I heard, I just saved you."

"That must be the voice of God dad. Do you know I fell because someone pushed?

"Don't dish out any food again. I will get something for us outside." He told me and left the kitchen. I went straight to the toilet and I started thanking God.

***. ***. ***

I overheard my parents discussing in the night. After my fellowship with the Holy Spirit, I couldn't sleep again. The room's curtain was drawn one side and I saw mum sitting on the bed and dad kneeling on the floor.

"I don't know when where and how I have offended you honey but I apologise. This family ought to be one but it isn't. You're opening the gate of this family for the devil to attack. If I am the cause, forgive me honey. Please! I know things are not what it used to be but I promise we will pull through."

I heard mum laughed and laughed.

" Pull through as an Okada man? Ikechukwu wake up please."

" I will save up and do..."

"Shut up ike! You need to wake up to reality. You are making me suffer in this marriage."

"Be patient honey."

"Can I go to bed now. See, you're a poor man."

"I am not poor"

"Admit you're poor and God will set you free"

"I am working things out for us."

"You're running out of time Ikechukwu. Please don't disturb my sleep again." She climbed the bed and slept off. I actually heard her snoring. Was she pretending? Because Dad was still on his knees.

I pretended to cough and dad rushed to the kitchen to get water for me. He handed me water and sat on the chair. I later joined dad when he started his prayers. Even though we prayed, my mind wasn't at rest. I was afraid for my dad because he was suffering emotionally and I couldn't help.....

To Be Continued

Written by Onyi Best Stories

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