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Innocent Cyril (@admin)
2 months ago


Episode 16

Chikamso couldn't sleep for fear. He has never experienced this kind of thing before. Terrible fear fell on him. Before 4:30am he had dialled Nneka's line and she rushed to his room.

"Good morning love"

"There's nothing good about this morning. Do you have money in the house. I mean physical cash?"

"Like how much" she asked

"Any amount"

"I have thirty thousand naira"

'Good! Give it to her."


"Susan! you idiot. Let her use the money to return to her God forsaken parents house. I don't want to see her in this house again. If I meet her when I return from work, I will walk out of this marriage. Make alternative arrangements for the kids"

"What wrong has she done?"

He slapped her so hard. He was boiling already.

"Don't ever ask me stupid questions again. Relieve her of her duties."

"Alright! She said touching where he slapped her.

"Get out of my sight" she scurried out of his room.

***. ***. ***

Madam woke me up from sleep. I greeted her.

"What happened between you and my husband?"she asked looking at me straight in the eyes.

"Nothing ma."

"You don't have any problem with him?

"Nothing like that ma. Believe me."

"Alright. My husband doesn't want you here again and he refused to tell me what the problem is"

I didn't bother to ask why he doesn't want me to work there. I was already tired and didn't want to continue the work. He has made it easier for me.

"What of my salary?"

"I will pay you when you are set to leave" she told me.

I didn't sleep again. I sat on the bed thinking of how to Leave so I can Meet dad at home.

True to her word, she gave me an envelope and lots of lace and Ankara materials.

"I don't know why my husband doesn't want you but I know you are a good child."

When she left to her room, I counted the money and to my amazement, it was thirty eight thousand naira. I rushed to her room and hugged her with tears in my eyes. When I came out, I met Oga Chikamso in the sitting room. As soon as he saw me coming out of Madam's room, he ran to his room. All I saw was confusion. He was confused and terribly afraid. Without wasting time, I carried my things and left the house.

***. ***. ***

Chinonso shocked Chiamaka the day she moved out of Ikechukwu's house. Of a truth, Chinonso live in a big house Courtesy of his rich wife. Every money he spends came from his wife.

When Chiamaka called him that her husband had sent her packing, he was in a dilemma. He told his wife that his late friend's wife had been evicted from the house and they are stranded. Beatrice, being a kind woman told him to allow them come and live in the boys quarter. She made arrangements for the maids to Clean the place up. Chinonso called chiamaka and gave her the address of his house. Chiamaka was shocked when she alighted from the vehicle and Chinonso introduced his wife to her.

"You're welcome to my humble home. I am so sorry for the demise of your husband. Don't worry, I will try my best to take care of you. After all God wants us to take care of the widows in the community."

Chiamaka and her kids were speechless. She looked at her kids but they looked away. They refused to make any eye contact with their mother.

"Aaaah! Your kids are beautiful. It's a shame your husband died leaving them like this."

The maids were busy moving their things from the vehicle to the boys quarter.

"You don't have to worry about anything. I am here for you." Beatrice told her while Chinonso was busy off loading their properties from the vehicle.

Chiamaka and her kids arranged everything gloomily. After they had rested , the maids brought food for them. It was while they were eating that Chinonso came in. Chiamaka without washing her hand slapped him so hard on his face.

"You lied to me. You told me your wife died a long time ago without any child. You wanted me to bring your kids and start life with you. Now your wife called me a widow? Chinonso go and tell her I am not a widow."

"Lower your voice. I don't want my wife to know anything about this."

Cheta and Blessing quickly washed their hands and went outside.

"The day my wife finds out about our little secret I will kill you. if you are not comfortable here, you can find your way. I love my wife and everything I did with you was a game." He went into her bathroom and washed his face, then walked out on Chiamaka.

****. ****.

Chinonso had been married for years but they had no child. What kept him in the marriage was his love for his wife. They have gone everywhere, carried out series of tests but nothing was wrong. Doctors kept telling them to be patient.

Chinonso never left Chiamaka even after she was married. He was coming to have sex with her in her matrimonial bed.

He remembered when she contacted him that the two children she has was for him. He was happy that after all, nothing was wrong with him. He told himself that if his wife still can't give him any child, he isn't worried because two are somewhere.

He told chiamaka that his wife died and he was ready to pitch his tent with her. Foolishly she agreed. Why would he marry Chiamaka in the first place. He just wanted to teach her a small lesson.

He was dating her before she got married to Ikechukwu. He loved her and she knew it. He would steal or sell his parents properties or even do odd jobs just to meet her increasing demands. In his own way, he took care of her because he loved her. She was his first love. What did she do? She ditched him and marry Ikechukwu because of money.

"I don't love him Chinonso. He is Rich. I will be giving you money. You will not suffer again. My parents want him to marry me because he has a name."

"So I don't have a name chiamaka?"

"Relax my love. We can still continue after the marriage."

When she got married, Chinonso was heartbroken. He suffered emotionally. He vowed to pay her in her own coin someday. Chinonso had always been part before and after marriage. When she gave birth to the two girls, he disappeared for some years before reappearing in her life again. He always advise her never to get pregnant for her husband. He was responsible for the attitude chiamaka displayed towards her husband. All he wanted was to crash her marriage, the way she broke his heart by ditching him for a rich man....

TO BE CONTINUED after your share

Written by Onyi Best Stories

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